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December Bucket List

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I’m freaking out about that last post, but whatevs. It really is what I wanted to say, as long as it conveys okay, I’m good. But I’m still worried.

Anyways! On to this one! 🙂

It’s the end of a year-a!

And just before it, I have started doing things on my mental to-do list, and I’m very happy about it.

So, I thought, why not keep that up… While roping in the public as silent accountabilty? And bucket lists seem to be pretty popular on blog-wise (I like them 🙂 )

So, I thought, yeah.


These are things I want to do, or keep doing as the year finishes!

  1. Learning Re-going-over German
  2. Learning other new languages.
  3. Keep NO restricting (I made it my goal in, like, September, after I told someone I absolutely couldn’t live without restricting. The next day, I started not doing it, and I have done it for like a month, or something.)
  4. Following the no restricting outline, start shirking (see accompanying post)
  5. Play with Rimfire or take him for a walk everyday.
  6. Actually give to that charity I’ve been wanting to.
  7. 7 Blog comments (on others, or replies)
  8. Discover 5 new songs.
  9. Keep working on video editing or make a new one
  10. Get better posture (aim for correct %80 time by the end of the month) so my back doesn’t hurt so much.

Any suggestions for # 11? A fun, wild new challenge? An interesting idea? Something small? Something on your list? 😀

I will see what other bucket list bloggers do, and somehow make this list easy-to-see so you can see as I actually do things on the list!h2DFC13A8-1


What is something you want to accomplish before 2015?

Nail Art of the Week!:

Recycled !, from my last nail art… Panda accent… with (free-hand, sorry) “snow cap” French tips, and a sparkle base!

nails for blog


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