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I’m Shirking

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Here is an INFP taking a stand.

I’m not doing it, anymore.

I’m shirking my duties. I’m neglecting my “responsibilities.” I’m not following the “rules”. I’m making my own – based on the real Truth, not a simile.

That is, if something is popular – or even a fad, a craze or something like that – I will allow myself to form my own opinion. I won’t write it off or distance myself from it for no reason other than being told to never engage in something popular. 😀 That is what I’m going to do. I will stop distancing myself from people by karate-chopping their interests for the sake of following some general, not-really-there rule. No more.

I’m not falling into your Arrogant is the only way philosophy. I will no longer stop doing something just because it’s mainstream.

You’ve made me alienate my friends and those I wanted to be my friends. I’ve pushed away the people I want near. You’ve made me regret the words I said, as soon as I said them, because they were what I was supposed to say.

You’ve made me betray myself, hurt my friends, hurt the people I love and wanted to love. I have so many people to apologize to, but will never see again. So, I’m stopping.

  • I’m going to say pretty as an adverb – as in “almost, but not quite”: pretty much – if it’s how I want to express myself.
  • I’ll watch Shrek and listen to fad songs if I want to, and I’ll watch new popular movies if my friends encourage me to or I just want to.
  • I’m going to use mainstream words, and I’ll watch TV, I’ll do stuff other people do.
  • I’ll hang out with whoever I want, and I have no shame about it.

I’m not only your descendant – descended from a line of pompous, petty, haughty, artificially arrogant weird peeps – I’m the kid of Welsh princes, royalty! – and even if I weren’t I’d still have the strength to do this. I am Welsh, Irish, and Danish. I am much more proud of that family history, and I am going to live to it.

I am going to be humble. I’m going to love anybody who walks in my life. I’m going to love connecting no matter if it’s over surfing or Shakespeare. I’m not going to be above doing anything except for that which is wrong in God’s book, not your book.

It’s about time I dropped this teaching – I relinquished you a long time ago, knowing that everything you did hurt everyone around you.

But, I am not a rebellious person. If something even has a sliver of truth to it, I will obey till the day I die.

NO more. If it isn’t Godly all the way through. I’m not doing it.

So here is an INFP taking a stand, deciding to be humble, loving, and down and dirty clean, and, even popular if that’s what happens. Goodbye rules, hello heart.

And I am sorry to anyone that I put down by following these rules. I am sorry for thinking that I had to act like you were beneath me, because I didn’t want to, and nobody deserves that.


(These quotes don’t go perfectly, but they were pretty close!)


Have you ever had to take a stand about something you’d been taught, but ended up not being true?


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