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Winter Nail Art Challenge Introduction

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I joined a blog event! I e-mail follow Kelsie’s Nail Files, and she mentioned this “Winter Nail Art Challenge” that was still open for joining. It looked really cool, so I found out who the host was… and to see if I could join.

Lacky Corner is hosting it. I’m having a total amount of fun, and I haven’t even completed a challenge yet! 😀

So, what I probably have neglected to mention, yet, is that last year, I got a nail art kit. I saw it, thought “Hmm… I’ve never thought of doing that before” and asked for it. Since then, I’ve been using the practice polish, and whatever polish I had lying around to try designs.

I am not a detail person, and I am one of those people who are like “Hurry up and finish it! I don’t want to be artsy anymore!” 🙂 I like to challenge myself with precise projects so that I can refine that side of me. And nail art is great ’cause I don’t have to make up everything — and I don’t have to store it!

(By the way, I changed the picture on December Bucket List of my current nail art. This current nail art makes me happy, and I saw a better shot of it, and wanted to share.)

Here is the Winter Nail Art Challenge “schedule” — I can’t wait to do some!


Yesterday, I went to the local “drug”store, and decided to take a look at the nail polish. But they had sales on like alll of the polishes!! And having just signed up for a challenge, I splurged on 8 new colors! (And it was less than $20 for them all!)

I am saving up for getting natural nail polishes (as natural as nail polish can get 🙂 ) : like any of these, or some others (that I have read are “3-free”) or from Chrome Girls (David Boreanaz’s wife co-created the company! 🙂 )… But right now I cannot afford $8-$20 for nail polishes, and I had already tried to save up for a year and really wanted to start trying different designs!

So, those 8, combined with the family collection (which is small), and the black and white I already had already purchased earlier, made for a great variety and a ton of nail polish! 😀 The possibilities!

If I do every challenge, they are set up 2x a week, I will still want to post other non-nail relate post – provided I have something to say… 🙂

Have a terrific Wednesday!

Oh, and P.S. — Helena is still open for more bloggers to join in!! (She’s really nice, too – I was pretty clueless and she helped me figure out how to do the inLinkz and everything.) So, either join the Facebook group or e-mail her to join!


Have you ever done anything special with your nails?

What is your favorite nail polish company?


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