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Winter N.A.C. – Snow!

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Happy December 4th! Here is one of the designs I tried out yesterday, for today. Snowman

Isn’t he cute? Today’s nails don’t show a very fluent display of the possibilities that nail art presents.. but I had fun doing it, and I kinda like the designs, now that I’m done. 🙂

However, they are still pretty jolly!!

I was having trouble deciding what to do for today, so I just tried to think of any thing that associated with snow for me. It was simple: Snowmen, snow angels and snowflakes.

And then I thought I’d put them all on one hand — yep! And make it sparklay.

Left Hand sparkly snowflake

As has happened before, I forgot to turn the design around so it is easily visible for the observer, and did it “backwards”. Woops!

Although it is tough to tell, I used a big glitter polish over the two angels – I hoped that it would appear rather snow-like, but it is barely discernible.

I mixed 2 polishes for the angel outline, though I’m only just now seeing it looks a little more like a cross symbol than a snow angel…

My right hand is turned right side around; it is also drawn by my less fluent hand.

It features a boy who built a snow man!

Right Hand

And in case you are curious, these are all the nail polishes I used:

Nail polishes

Once I put them together, I realized that it was quite a few! 😀

Hope you enjoyed the designs!


What comes to mind for you when you think of snow or snowflakes?

What do you like to do in the snow? (or when it is snowy).

Hey, guys! 

I’m still having trouble getting the links in here — this blog event comes with inLinkz where you can see all the different submissions right on one page! Every blog involved has snapshots of the other submissions — but I can’t yet figure out how to get it to work. Sorry! Here are the other designs:

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One thought on “Winter N.A.C. – Snow!

  1. Here in Italy there’s not much snow. I love the idea, but when it snow it’s not so fun as movies and tv show us. =)


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