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Organization for the INFP

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Organization + INFP = R U Kidding?



I am not the most neat or orderly of people. (Mom is going, yeah, ya think? 😀 )

But through the years, I have discovered some things that actually work.

For me to actually put something in its place – it needs a place. I love putting something away.

The place it goes in needs to be accessible and easy-to-use. X goes in x spot is the easisest organization system. The uncategorized things or things I wish I didn’t have to keep are the hardest to keep neat.

Now for the few things I have managed to keep rather orderly, here is what they are, and what I do.


I have long hair, and I have a lot of rubber bands. I use an old retainer case to keep them in. Out from my hair — (onto some extraneous object, like the chair, pencil holder, water bottle) — and into the retainer case. They mostly end up in there. FEAT!

Rubberbands 2:

I have long hair, so I also have a brush. (I assure you, that even if I had short hair I would have a brush. 🙂 ) Anyways, once by accident, now on purpose, I keep 1 or 2 small-size rubberbands on the handle of my brush.

I slide it all the way up to the head, so that it won’t fall off (and the poor thing isn’t stretched out).

Then, when I’m in front of the mirror, (or in the middle of the room as is more often the case), brushing my hair and making a ‘do, and suddenly need a rubberband I have one. This has saved me multiple times.

Hair Stuff:

All my hair stuff is kept in a semi-hard-to-open case, but it holds EVERYTHING. With slide outs and multiple compartments, I don’t have to categorize anything (but I do), or worry about stuff slipping off of hanging apparatuses and stuff. It’s all there.


Now, with a “wear everything, anywhere” wardrobe like my own, I don’t have much specialty and special care clothes. (This is by design. I dash into something without thought of what I’m wearing.) The few special care clothes are treated specially, and carefully.

Everything else is sorted easily: Tops, Sweaters/Jackets and Summerwear, Skirts, Pants/Shorts*

*or just “Bottoms”

These go in stacks. I love stacks! Easy to make and give a semblance of real order. And they are so neat!

I have a stack of pants. A stack of skirts (not fancy, remember 😉 ). A stack of Outer/Summer Wear. A stack of Tops.

Done. When cleaning up what I’ve thrown into discarded piles, or stuff like that, it’s super simple. Fold and stack. Fold, stack. Neat!

And all my extraneous stuff – hats, socks, belts, whatever – get thrown together in whatever compartment I have left.

Books (I’m reading):

I like to read. I don’t like to sleep.

So I like to read before bed. I have a stack of books that leans against the wall. It keeps it from falling, or coming close to it. Very handy.

Where’s this book I’m reading go? In the stack. 😀

I Want to Keep It:

I like to keep stuff. Little random stuff that made an impression on me.

I have a place to put that – it collects everything like that in one. (I actually have 3 now.)

One drawer for all the stuff. One Graze box for cool stuff to display (shells/sea glass/ and cool rocks). One Altoids tin for small delicate stuff. This makes it really clear for me where that “uncategorizable” but “important” stuff goes.

I hope this maybe can be of some help to someone. 😀


What is an organization thing that works for you?

How do you like your space – neat? slightly neat? really messy?

I either like my space SUPER neat, or slightly messy.


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