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Winter NAC – Christmas Where You Live



There are so many aspects to Christmas where I live!


And I love them all! There is Christmas lights, trees, garland, tinsel and baking. When it comes to legends, there is Reindeer, Santa and How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and Scrooge. And when it comes to meaning, there is Jesus’ birth and the general goodwill that occurs during the holidays.

I wanted to fit as much as I could of on one hand 🙂 I detail it out from left-to-right below!


Garland: I’ve always loved how garland looked when it’s decorating something. It looks so cool on railings and such, but we also always put it on the tree!

Tree: Christmas trees are awesome.

Carols: I LOVE Christmas carols!

Santa Hat: Although we’ve never subscribed to the story of Santa (though Saint Nick was a pretty cool person) the whole aura is pretty cool – stockings with treats, and fuzzy hats. My family always wears Santa hats and my Mom starts wearing them as soon as she can – she is so funny with them, so when I see a Santa Hat, I think of my Mom.

A heart: I was trying to represent Jesus, AND baking gingerbread together, AND togetherness — all at once. After a few failed attempts at other designs, I settled on a heart. It sums it up. 🙂


I took this photo outside, trying to catch the sparkles – it looks like I succeeded! 😉

Other Submissions: Winter Nail Art Challenge Submissions: Lucia, Or Christmas Where You Live

(I figured it out. With the blog I have, I am unable to display the images in-post. But the above link will lead you to the other submissions. Sorry that I cannot make it easier.)


What do you like best about Christmas where you live?


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