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Geeking-Out Fridays! – Forever (TV show)

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When Forever (a TV show that premiered this year) was coming out, I wanted to give it a try. When I told BT about it, he wasn’t too sure. (Did you know time-traveling and immortal are two totally separate, yet somehow alike things?)

I said, “Hey, there is a new TV show coming out and it’s about a time-traveling autopsy guy, and he can solve crimes,  because he has lived in so many eras and picked up so many different techniques, or something like that, I don’t know, but it looked cool, because there is like all these cool stuff and styles and time!”

BT just rolled his eyes. Sounds lame, he said.

BT said, a week later: “Hey, did you hear about this TV show? It’s like a guy that lives forever. He solves crime as a pathologist. It looks cool.”

I smiled, “I’m glad that you’re interested in it, too, because that is the one I wanted to see. But I said time-traveling, and only later realized that it should be “immortal.”

BT chuckled. “I guess that living forever is a sort of time-traveling.”

So, when it premiered, we tuned in.

We aren’t really a family of avid TV watchers, especially for new shows and episodes. We like to watch them on DVD and Netflix. Before this year, we have never tried out new shows. It’s quite fun actually, but I don’t like the suspense of “will they keep making episodes now that I’ve started this story?” When it’s on DVD, you don’t have a say in the matter – it just is.

BT and I really liked the premiere!!

But then our cable went out.

So, it wasn’t till this week I was able to catch another episode, and see if I still liked it.

I was so happy to see it still had all the elements that made me like it in the first place. Plus!

I won’t have cable after this week, but hey, I was glad to get to see this episode!

Why I like Forever:

Short reasons:

  • One, it’s classy! Although it’s set in modern times it just has a lovely feel of some 1800’s hints, which is just awesome!
  • 135338-0421The lead guy has a British accent!
  • An actor who played a Bones intern till recently, is on this show, in a similar role, but I like this character even better than his last one.
  • BT says that he is glad to see Judd Hirsch again (you might know him from Independence Day – as Jeff Goldblum’s dad. 🙂 )


Long reasons:

  • It’s a crime-fighting TV show, and I haven’t seen one of those yet, that I didn’t like! (Exception most CSI: Miami episodes and Criminal Minds and SVU are just a bit too dark.)
  • I think all the characters are lovely.
  • The plots are cool.
  • I love TV shows that portray touching stories of friendship. I think it’s a hard thing to convey, but so many can relate to it.
  • There is no out-and-out romance. (Yay!)
  • In this latest episode – people actually believed the best of each other. In what crime-show, ever, do they do that, unequivocally? Usually, I’m used to at least someone suspecting someone of something.
  • forever-abcThe flashbacks are relevant to the story at hand.
  • It has subtle humor – If nothing else is funny in the episode, every time the guy dies, he revives in water, sans clothes. That is sort of humorous, right?!
  • The story between the the lead guy and his secondhand man (Judd Hirsch) is sooooooo sweet.
  • I do not tend like TV shows (or movies for that matter) that use the element of suspense heavily. However, in this latest episode, I didn’t mind it. It replaced violence and other things I would really rather not watch and I could tell they were going to end it well. So, it was like suspense without the suspense. 🙂
  • The main character dresses in trench coats and scarves.
  • I am glad of how they cast and character-wrote the lead detective. I like her acting, line delivery and poise. She fits her part so well, I think.

ABC's "Forever" - Season OneI know that it sounds like I tend to like things for technical things (like lighting, sound, and acting/script), but I’m just seeing how my opinion of these details is backing up an original opinion of general happiness toward new-to-me media. I know I’m in no position to actually “judge” any of these things… Someone who knows about these things, may actually have different judgements – and I’m not trying to be them, really! Just saying how it impresses me.

In conclusion: 🙂

It’s a crime fighting show (plus!) that every once in a while visits the 1800’s (bonus!) with great actors (woot-woot!) cool characters (coolio) terrific plots (yay!) and an evil villain that is only sprinkled it (whew.) with the focus of the show being on the good guys (Go Good Guys!) and only occasionally talking about the bad guys (boo!), and usually just so that they (the good guys) can catch them.


That, to me, makes a great show!

And then, in addition to it all, it has friendships in it. And having that totally bizarre “I live forever” as a subplot makes it pretty amazing, right?

(All images are not linked, sorry. They came from a Google Image search, and the original source was hard to find.)

Forever airs on ABC on Tuesdays at 10/9c.


Have you tried Forever? Did you like it (honest opinions, welcome)?

What is a TV show you like, and why? Be long-winded!

If it were like my description, would you like to give Forever a try?


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