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That’s What Christmas Means to Me, M’Deer!

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There’s been lots of thought about what Christmas means

What it should mean

I’ve gone back to it’s roots

I’ve lived it in typical modern fashion

I’ve gone somewhere in between keeping Jesus as the center

For all festivities

But nothing felt right

I knew that to “make sense” it had to work when there was no snow

What was Christmas, in God’s eyes, in the original days, and now?

Then, this year, I walked out my door, and looked across the street.

The neighbors had decked out their yard in full gusto

Lights hung from the gutters.

White reindeer paraded on the grass.

It was completely unexpected.

And I smiled.

And I realized what Christmas meant to me.

The reason that people can have jollity comes from Jesus, no doubt.

He gives a reason to be happy, every Christmas. But that is also every day.

But I had to find why do we go out and deck our houses? What is the meaning that does that?

For me, it had to be more close than a birth of a Savior many years ago, on a symbolic day — though that was almost enough, the connection was too timorous.

The heart and cheer and ephemeral feelings that some occasion this season

is just because.

It’s like a ball gown

When can you use it?

But when you can, you deck it out and rock it like you are a princess

We don’t always dress up our houses, we don’t always have trees

That doesn’t make it illogical

Every year, a little something gets added to an original idea and it keeps morphing

It might merely have been a celebration about winter solstice and bringing in some nature

It might have been merely a change to that holiday and said “Let’s celebrate God’s saving us today”

But now.

But now.

It’s all that and more.

With Christ in our hearts it makes it richer, for God was the first to give good will to man, but all can join in. It’s just a jolly time for all to share.

It’s writing to people we love.

It’s singing and listening to Carols and Christmas songs.

We make Cookies, and break out all the ingredients and give them to people we love.

It’s having hot Chocolate after coming in from the Cold and receiving love in a Hot drink.

It gives us Reason to do things that fill our heart, minds and senses with things everyone loves, in the darkest of the seasons.

It’s Ice and sledding

It’s Snowman painted or rolled

It’s Trees in the house to smell pine or palm, and see beautiful boughs and old ornaments.

Bright Tinsel is jolly and shiny

and we break out anything and everything that is Merry and bright to us

Together or Apart, Christmas is a season full of things that can fill your heart.

And that to me is what makes Christmas so Special.

There aren’t necessarily any rules to follow. Getting “swept up” is okay.

It’s just a chance to be jolly.

That is why we can meet people on the street with a smile.

That is why we can bellow our hearts out to a song.

Shiny, bright, sparkly, furry, colorful, and velvety.

Stuff we all enjoy

We bring it all out to play

And that is why I love Christmas day.

(Bonus: The last sentences spell “Christmas” with the captilized-for-no-reason words.🙂 Merry Christmas!!


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