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Winter N.A.C – Tinsel/Ornaments

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Happy “Christmas is 2 Days Away”, everybody! Hope you are having a wonderful time (even if Christmas isn’t on your radar)!!


A Christmas Cat — because cat and snow!

Today’s nail art challenge was titled Tinsel/Ornaments – so I thought I’d try both… although (as you seen in the header) apparently or was an option. 🙂

Well, if you’ve seen Zorro, today’s art may harken you back to it –

Zorro, the mask-ed swordsman

Had a very brilliant steed

And if he ever saw a don

He would start to pick up speed

Then one Mexican Revolution

Original Zorro came to say

Alejandro, with your zeal so bright

Won’t you take my place tonight?

(to the tune of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 🙂 )

Well, in the Zorro movie, he would be riding along, making chaos, defeating evil and saving the people and then he would want to make his mark (literally) so as to rally the forces and scare the hearts of the enemies, so he would carve a 3-mark,-big-Z into whatever was around with his sword.


However, these (accidental) Z’s are something more Christmas-ey – Tinsel! 😀

My accent nails are ornaments. I was unsure if I could make a non-descript circle look like a 3-D ornament, but I was surprised at how they turned out. Pleasantly, that is. 🙂

Hope you enjoy, too!

Oh, and I did red on one hand on not the other, just because.

I like the red, though 🙂

Green hand

cool shot

These nails look rather good in real life, more so than in pictures, I think, because the tinsel is raised. I think it makes it sort of 3-D. I wanted to try to show that… thus, this picture:

3-d view

Pixlr (the desktop app version) had this really cool overlay. It fit perfectly over and under my nails, I couldn’t believe it!

Twinkle Art

Oh, and something a little funny – remember me mentioning how my nails just won’t “solidify”, even after applying a top coat? I discovered a couple days ago, that my “top coat” was actually a “clear coat” — just normal polish, but clear. Ohhhh…

Click here to see a gallery of the other Tinsel/Ornament Nail Art designs!! 😀


Do you have a special ornament that you always take out at Christmas?

Real or artificial Christmas trees – where do you stand?

Do you have a cat that wrecks your decorations or climbs your tree? I’ve seen so many AFV episodes and LOLcats about it, but never seen it for myself, so I was curious 🙂 …

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