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The Everything Post

This is the post of all the things that I wanted to say but didn’t get to, yet.

Most of them Christmas related! So, I wanted to say it before it was past Christmas.


Last Christmas we tried to find some new media to watch. After that not entirely-a-success, I thought I’d share some last-minute viewing options. (Some available on Netflix streaming.)

Hogfather – fantastical, probably not great for young viewers (and those uncomfortable with fantasy), but absolutely terrific! Totally quotable. Scary elements, but good plot, but confusing end, but too awesome to pass up if you like that sort of thing that the movie is. (Based on “Diskworld” books.)

Bones – The Man in the Fallout Shelter – Season 1, episode 9 – My absolute favorite Bones episode! There is just something about all of it. My family are not really big fans of Bones, but I said this was a great episode, and so we watched it. After it was done, it’s just like a big sigh. Like ahhh… And they loved it just as much as I did. 😀

How I Met Your Mother: Symphony of Illumination, How Lily Stole Christmas – Less jolly than some other picks, but definitely not norm Christmas themes. Now, of course these are for mature viewers only. Plus points on these episodes that make them totally worth watching: Christmas lights to rock music, and Barney sneezing. 😀

And classics: Home Alone and Home Alone 2, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, White Christmas, and It’s a Wonderful Life.

Debate-o-rama and Solution:

I was rather upset by BT’s suggestion last year. He said that there was no point to Christmas, because everything good happened on Christmas Eve. And I, personally, never understood Christmas Eve, but loved Christmas.

This may not be why BT likes it, or why the Christmas Eve team loves it best, but it gave me an appreciation for the named day that I’ve never understood. 🙂



This is a really fun (holiday related) online game!

Family interactions:

20 Questions:

My question: “Ooh! Ooh! Does it do in the ocean!!!?”

Family member’s more civilized reply: “No, it isn’t an aquatic animal. 🙂 ”

I guess that was it. But I thought there was more…



How is your week goin’?