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Geeking Out Fridays – 2-Minute Go-Fish

Geek-Out Fridays

This week, I had a short time to play some games with a family member before they had an appointment.

I had a deck of cards.

So for 20 minutes, we played as many hands and games as we could.

With 2 minutes left, we created Speedy Go-Fish.

Yes, it’s a simple game, but it’s really fun. With this twist, it’s really (fast) fun!

So, it goes like this:

  • 1 deck of playing cards
  1. Deal 7 cards to each player.
  2. Lay the rest of the cards in the middle (draw pile).
  3. The goal is to get sets of 2 cards – whoever has more sets wins. Take out any sets of 2 cards in the hand you were dealt, and keep them.
  4. This is where it takes on a slight change: Ask for a card you want (has to complete a set in your hand) as quick as you can. The other person says “Yes” or “No”, and if “Yes” they give over the card (as quick as possible) and ask again until it’s a no (and then follow “no” rules), if “No”, draw a card from the draw pile.

So, it’s the same as regular (sets of 2) Go-Fish – just everybody is going as fast as they possibly can. It’s weirdly fun! 🙂


What is a favorite card game of yours?