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After Christmas

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What do I do??

I’m lost in YouTube but have no reason to stop.

After a couple weeks away (I was working, but it was pretty much like a vacay), and then I got back home, and was trying to get back into my groove – almost… so close to getting back into the groove, and then…


That time that always messes up the inner conciousness and clock and routine. That’s it’s purpose, (as in a break from the usual grind) but I already was out of whack for like most of the month. Oh golly!

I’m like — uh. Wash the dishes? Vacuum the floors? And take the dog out — What else do I need to do? Schedule, I need a schedule. Or more work to do. Or some kind of reminder of what I usually do.

Haha… I’ll get it maybe some time in the next year. 🙂

I know that a lot of people have to work real close to Christmas – they do not have this issue! I’m sorry you got work, but I hope it goes well. I’ll make you virtual cookies!

OO, OOh! I got it – Clean the house, work on the bucket list, edit a video, and think on what I’ll do for my next one (I’m thinking big, unrealistic, one-man production.)  Thanks! That was very helpful!

I’m off to make the world a cleaner – er… slightly tidier – place. 🙂


What do you usually do with your family the day after Christmas?

If you had a choice of working on Christmas or not, would you or not? And why?

I actually was offered the chance to work on Christmas one year, and took it. I didn’t have much planned, it would give me a few more hours, and I got to work with a friend. Plus the business was closed, so it was peaceful. I loved it!!


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