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Abnormal Morning Routine


My ditty sounds: “Duh, duh-dun, Duh, duh-duh…” from my phone.

aaahh. Snooze – but make sure to keep it on.

I’ve been up till 2am and not up in the morning till 10:30 – this needs to change. I have 2 alarms on, and I do not want them to turn off!

An hour and 1/2 later, I am in and out of conciousness – hearing various sounds, and keep waking myself by just knowing I need to get up. Rimfire licks some.

And it’s time to get up.

I roll over, and grab my Kindle from where it spent the night after I finished some late night P.G. Wodehouse reading.

Menu…. Experimental… MP3 Player…. Play Music.

Ah, yeah. Yuna’s Live Your Life helps me get to a seated position. Rimfire starts to dig in the blankets. We take roughly the same amount of time to go from a zonkin’ log to fully-functional being – though Rimfire is somtimes instantaneous, something I could not do. But we both don’t wake up subtly; we start rocking the house.

As David Crowder Band’s Revolutionary Love comes on, I am gathering my daily outfit. Jeans and t-shirt.

Rimfire jumps off the bed, and I go the same direction. The songs have ended – so I boot up my computer to get my extended playlist up. I start Welcome to New York on my way back to my room.

I get on my bed to access my sweater storage: I grab a sweater – a light sweater – and my furry vest for good measure.

While Taylor Swift’s Welcome To New York plays, I do some fancy maneuver off the bed, stretching over the blanket I tossed off the bed last night. It takes up all my foot room.

Oh, right. I lean over the blanket to get to my socks… There are 2 in good shape, one red, one yellow. That works.

Zip up the sweater, arrange the vest, look in the mirror, and call Rimfire over.

Snap, crackle, leash and bag are ready to go. While Blank Space starts, we’re out the door into the morning.

Rimfire pulls eagerly on the leash, and a brisk morning breeze blows.

Welcome to a new morning. 🙂


When you really do not want to get up – how do you conquer it?


Author: Arctic Hare!

I write Naturally Dreamy and have a lot of fun with that!

2 thoughts on “Abnormal Morning Routine

  1. I just lie there and hope for the best lol


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