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Winter N.A.C – New Year’s Eve


Hello, fair ladies and gents! 🙂

It’s New Year’s Eve!!

Isn’t it??

Oh, wow, it is – really?

And today’s nail art theme, paralelling that fact, is also “New Year’s Eve”.

Have you watched New Year’s Eve? We tried it last year…

Anyways, I painted this last night while watching Midsomer Murders – my fam was very patient with my hobby and freely gave feedback and helped me figure out how a firework might look.

Of course, we all had a lot of trouble with that one, you’ll see. 🙂

BT, as well as being the expert on Christmas Eve, is also the expert on New Year’s Eve.

So I asked him for ideas. What’s associated with New Year’s? I said.

I incorporated everything he said, that I could, into my nails. I think all the different themes really make it look like New Year’s! (but that’s just me. 😀 )

When BT said “Fireworks” I loved the idea, but it’s surprisingly hard to sketch a firework – it’s easier to photograph them, than draw them, even! BT prefers them as tarantulas than fireworks, but approach them thinking “firework” and you might just see it, for a split second 😀


The New Year’s countdown was BT’s idea – I was very happy at it’s neatness, but like my family said, with 4 & 5 being smaller – it doesn’t quite convey. 😀

“Happy New Year” is a little rough, but it was written with my left!! 😀 And so was the champagne flute and the party hat – for that, I was surprised at how they turned out 😀

Anyways… Hope you enjoy…


Left Hand – countdown & firework

2014:5 #2

Countdown & Firework

clear detail

This one is actually really clear, even as I zoomed up, and one can see each design clearly.

true color

This is closer to the true colors, though. Oh! And the ring and index fingers have a burgundy (what I thought looked like bubbly?) sparkly background, and the party hat’s background is silver sparkles (my fav nail polish, pretty much 🙂 ).

firework 2

Close-up (jus in case) of the firework (or tarantula) on the left hand.


I just liked the way this one looked. 😀

This is the last Winter Nail Art Challenge. I had a bunch of fun doing this, and I hope you enjoyed seeing them! And if you didn’t… well, that is cool, too!!

It’s the last day, and it seemed that it was preferred to have the other contributors listed out – and I totally get that. So I am doing it for this final post 😀 (Also, now that it is the last day, I finally figured out how to comment via Disqus and Blogspot… took me long enough. :/ 🙂 )

Thanks a caboodle to Helena for creating all the beautiful banners and headers, creating the challenges, and making/organizing this challenge!! 🙂

Happy New Years!!

Fireworks – Lacky Corner

New Year’s Manicure – May Contain Traces of Polish

New Year’s Eve – Light Your Nails!

2015 New Year’s Eve – Gelic’ Nail Art

Roses And New Year’s – The Happy Beauty Case

New York New Year’s – PhD Nails

Silver and Black Sparkly New Year’s –  Best of Angelica

Glitter and Halfmoons – Nagelfager


Do you have a favorite of the nail art designs I did?

What would you love to see nail-arted?

(O! and someone has informed me that it is actually not New Year’s Eve – so I’m not crazy in thinking it felt weird for it to be that time. December has 31 days, self. 🙂 So, no worries, I’m not totally off my rocker.)


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I write Naturally Dreamy and have a lot of fun with that!

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  1. This is so cool! ^_^


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