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Ion Hair Color-Dying

This post is all thanks to my friend. I hope I do her justice in my explanation of how I color my hair. 🙂 I don’t exactly follow the rule book…

Also, thanks to my family for supporting me in “being totally crazy” and breaking out of a virtual box I’d put myself in.

Anyways – Yes! I dye my hair. This is how I do it and stay as natural as possible.

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Yesterday, with a freshly, mostly-healed finger, I went out to “play” in the woods. General gallivanting around. I had a couple of objectives to make it fun, but it was really about being outside more.


Rimfire and BT came with, because… we like to do stuff just because.

We tried to clear a blockage in a stream, and for a long time, no one got hurt.

Then, I did. My hand slipped or something while I was trying to tug at a branch, and I fell backwards with a solid thump.

And – this is absolutely hilarious – I hurt my bottom. I say this with as much reverence I can muster.

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Marvelous Movies: Great Soundtracks

Marvelous Movies

Update: Wow! Did I really give no preface to this post? Dewoops. Now, to remedy that. 😀

These are some of my favorite movies, separated from other favorite movies, because I think these guys have great soundtracks.

Here they are!

Prates of the Caribbean


There is no mistaking these songs, and they definitely up there in things that make this movie totally awesome.

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Silly Things this Week

Dog Bones:


We were looking for some great chewing toys for Rimfire. I was perusing the selection, and looking at all the different flavors, when I saw a three pack of Nylabones. That seemed good. So, I picked it up and flipped it over. One was bacon flavor, the other was plain, and the third was — CHOCOLATE flavor?!? I was so surprised. Why? Why?!?

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Slipping Away

I want to go to this thing.


I mean, you would not believe how much I want to go to it… And it’s more like the possibility, the knowing that it exists, that is more exciting, actually, than the actually going.

That must be confusing.

But anyway, one of the big reasons I want to go, is it’s got this super formal dance, with super casual people, as part of the activities!!!

I’ve always liked old-timey things and find old-time socialization rituals easier to understand than modern ones – like games, vs. hanging at the park, or taking a walk vs. going out to eat…. those weren’t very good examples.

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Short Nail Polish Reviews

Yesterday I was playing/exercising (though nobody would name it that) with a family member and a medicine ball. I got both my index fingers bent backwards, but my right was something, and my left was not…

I am currently icing the finger, which is swollen and mottled with green… How lovely :)… my family has always been amazing about injuries – we alway insist the inflicted member rest and ease the wound no matter how we normally might use the person’s aid. It’s quite a relief and cool 🙂

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