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Separation Anxiety

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I know. I’ve touched on this before.

But, right now, it’s the thing foremost on my mind and it’s really concerning me.

It has every right to. Poor Rimfire is so freaked out when we leave that he chews on his crate – still. His dental procedure was going to be the end of it, we thought.

“So, yes, he has been so worried that he pulled loose his own teeth, but we are going to fix all that now! We will extract the harmed teeth, change his crate and all will be good, right?” we thought.

Wrong. Rimfire got really worried recently. And new teeth are loose 😦 It’s so SAD!

I am so sad for him… and I want to be like “NO! Don’t do that, don’t you see???” and then I see him greeting me at the front door after checking the mail or something and he is just so adorable, slowly wagging his tail, ears perked watching me with a little eagerness. I can’t stay even the slightest bit upset at him.

But I can change my ways and put him on a training program (yes, I know… again. I shouldn’t have taken him off his last one; I didn’t know he was still so upset.) My bad.

This is what I’m going to start doing:

  1. Give him his (extra strong) Kong with all-good edible chew bones – ONLY when he is in his crate while I’m away. Having something so special should really help out a lot. (Professional advice 🙂 )
  2. Have him down and away some more.

#2 is effective – I know that. It was really helping when I had the childcare job, and I would be away for most of the day. But when that stopped (which is also when I took him off of his training program) and with LL’s passing and the cold weather — I just felt so BAD about having him away, if he didn’t want that. You know? It’s like I’m not using every minute to the fullest. But it’s hurting him for me to let him do that, so I’m gonna stop (and I already have – self 5!) He is on his cushy bed next to where I’m sitting. “This really helps” I’ll just have to tell myself.


  1. Leaving for short amounts of “practice” time.

Contrary to what I read, my ‘expert opinion’ said this should help. What I read, was, this won’t help if, while I’m building up to a certain goal time amount, that I leave for a longer time (like because I have to go shopping, and I’ve only built up to 5 minutes.) This was a pretty unrealistic idea – and my expert opinion voiced that too.

So, I can go practice archery for 10/15/20 minute increments and go for walks, and leave him with his ultra-special treat-bone Kong… and that should help.

Oh my gosh, I just feel so sorry for Rimfire.

I know this isn’t very relatable, INFP, or anything, but while I had all the good advice and plans in my head, I wanted to write them all down.

I will do my best to do all of these: consistently, lovingly, and helpfully. And hopefully see Rimfire grow, and heal. Poor boy.

(BT dub… I may sound like a really scummy owner, trainer and dog-reader in this post — and right now I feel like I deserve that. . . But truth is I really didn’t think he was this bad — and I was gone so little that I… I don’t know. I’m still okay at training – I can still understand what to do and work with what dogs are thinking… but I just I dropped the ball on this one. I wish he was okay and this didn’t happen. I’m so sorry, but I know that with all this if Rimfire works with me, and I stick to it and don’t give in for some pithy reason, then all should be okay.

Some separation anxiety can’t be reversed. But I wrote that it was getting better – if I was so excited then, then apparently it was just me – I just dropped the ball. And I’m so sorry.)


I’ve been away from my computer for a little bit – How are you guys?

Have you ever had to deal with Canine Separation Anxiety? What did you do about it?


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I write Naturally Dreamy and have a lot of fun with that!

One thought on “Separation Anxiety

  1. You sound like a loving dog mom. I hope things get better for him. Have they considered antidepressants? Back when I was 18 years old I had anorexia and generalized anxiety disorder only my mom didn’t believe in therapy or medication. I could not be left alone or I would have a panic attack. I would bring my homework with me in the car so I didn’t have to be alone. The TV had to always be on so I didn’t feel alone. There is nothing logical about it. I’m not like that anymore, but I feel like antidepressants and/or therapy would have helped some.

    I have two cats, and they have much different issues than dogs. They are more independent overall, but they still prefer it when I’m home all day with them. Now that I’m working that isn’t possible 😦


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