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Geek Out Fridays: Various Thoughts – A poem, a song and a website

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I write a bunch of stuff that shouldn’t be said

So, I write a lot of words that will never be read.

But the day’s all new when I hop out of bed

And maybe today, I’ll write some words to be read.


There’s really no words to describe my face when Barney and Ted come on, singing “For the Longest Time”. It just makes me so happy.

And there isn’t any reason for why Clothia makes everything okay again, for me. It makes it bright again. It shows love again. It reintroduces love, happiness, something to reach for, but something that is here and attainable all at the same time. It’s crazy, and nice. Whenever life is feeling terrible or something really deeply upsets me and reels my worldview out of control, browsing the clothes, the sayings and the looks restore my faith. Not faith in God, but faith in something, here on earth.

Maybe the possibility of good, which so often seems obscured. Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 10.53.48 AM

And not only that, but after the possibility of good is restored to a plausible reality, then it also introduces ideas of it’s own – like love – not as romance, not as young love, or old love, but just love. Love as the goodness and kindness and gentleness from human to human. And somehow, I see that in each look created on Clothia.

It’s that for some reason….

Clothia exudes gentleness, and I love that.

(Yes, this has been a weird post. Sorry about that. I kind of liked how it turned out though, so I thought I’d keep it – with the caveat of it being weird, and completely out of the blue. 🙂 )


Where do you go when the world seems reeling out of control (as it most certainly is, at times)?


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