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Short Nail Polish Reviews

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Yesterday I was playing/exercising (though nobody would name it that) with a family member and a medicine ball. I got both my index fingers bent backwards, but my right was something, and my left was not…

I am currently icing the finger, which is swollen and mottled with green… How lovely :)… my family has always been amazing about injuries – we alway insist the inflicted member rest and ease the wound no matter how we normally might use the person’s aid. It’s quite a relief and cool 🙂

So, I am currently typing this all with my left hand (interjected thought: they could make individual finger cold compresses; that would be so cool!) – it’s a little slower, (or a lot), but I haven’t yet learned the one handed DVORAK keyboard, soo 🙂

I kinda wonder if it will sound different – if it will use more of one side of the brain than typing with 2 hands would… I also wonder how they iced things before ice.

Yesterday, I managed to play on Sporcle while icing my finger, but I can’t figure how I did that – not with how I’ve got the ice, right now.


I thought it might be good to write about how I liked the polishes that I got. I have now used them all, and I do have some preferences, comments, and notes 🙂

Ah, and right… Unlike other reviews I’ve browsed, I won’t actually be talking about them as an all-nail color… So, if I like a polish (like black) that doesn’t mean: “I like this color, so I’m gonna wear it”….

Nail polishes

Some of the nail polishes

Black: Wet ‘n Wild megalast® “Power Outage”

Love this one. It was on Clearance, and so I’m not sure if it is currently available. I like the final shine, the applicator brush, the thickness, and it works great for designs (I make mine with a dotter [it’s what came in the nail art kit]).

White: Wet ‘n Wild Wild Shine® “French White Créme”

Love the color, but really don’t like some other things about it. It could be because it is free of some of the stuff I’d like it not to contain, (it was super inexpensive, but it is Toluene, Formeldahyde & Phtalate Free), but it was annoying because it wouldn’t dry. It stayed pliable long after application. When it did work though, it looked great. And it is kind of handy how during application it is “self-filling” – it will kind of smooth itself out.

Purple: Sally Hansen Triple Shine “Drama Sheen”

I was so excited to try this color – but I was very sad about the final result. Once applied, it’s rather a thin coating, and even multiple coats later, it doesn’t scream purple. But as you can tell in this picture, disappointment gotten-over, it works great as a background. And as a bonus, it dries quickly, so applying multiple coats is not a problem. Here is another short review and it looks like she managed to get it looking like it did in the bottle, so that’s cool 🙂 , but as she says, it did take her 4 coats.

Photo on 1-12-15 at 2.36 PM #3

Quick pic – you can see how the white stays pliable, but also how the purple shows up in contrast… and my poor swollen finger. 😦

Maybelline Colorama: Top Coats: “Ice Princess” and 5 Day Nail Color “…?…”

These are eons old – But they are also some of my favorite! It wasn’t till today that I realized that they are 2 different types of polishes. :$ I love the Ice Princess – I use it a lot. I don’t use the other one much and the name’s come off, so I’m not sure what it is – It’s like a burgundy color with a ton of sparkles, just like “Ice Princess”. But once applied, the burgundy doesn’t come through much, and they both look terrific – and so sparkly!! Love it! 😀

Photo on 1-12-15 at 2.55 PM

I still haven’t taken the 2015 countdown off my left hand. 🙂

true color

Middle finger nail is Ice Princess and the ones beside it are the burgundy kind – see how close they look? 🙂 Oh, and because the sparkle content is so concentrated, I can draw with it, too (VERY handy 😀 ) – like on the blue “firework”.

Savvy: Nail Lacquer “A Touch of Glitter”

This is my other favorite nail polish – and the other one I’ve used for eons! 😀 It is DBP free. It really does have just a touch of glitter. I will use it by itself, or as a top coat. I used both of these sparkle polishes a lot during Winter NAC.

Pre-Winter NAC design

The French-tipped nails have the Savvy glitter polish as the base.

Blue: Sally Hansen, Hard as Nails®, Xtreme Wear “Blue Me Away”

I got this for my “blue” whenever I need blue. Er. yeah. It works great for that. It is currently the background to my penguins, and it works great as being used to paint a design.

The Other Blue: Rimmel, 60 seconds “Midnight Skinny Dip” <—Really?!?

I got this one just because of the color – it looked so pretty! But it is another disappointment once on nail. 😦 Even layering it on thick, it doesn’t come out as it looks in the bottle, unfortunate, but not life-changing. 😉

Orange: Sally Hansen, Hard as Nails®, Xtreme Wear “Sun Kissed”

Absolutely did not disappoint! 😀 I had a “practice polish” in the kit that was orange, and it was only for drawing beaks and tiny small accents, and unfortunately, it wouldn’t show up if used on top of anything darker than it. So, I was expecting to have the same difficulty with “real” (not practice, peel-off) nail polish. Nope. This one was a hole-in-oner. (The Penguins beaks and misplaced feet are this orange.)

Sparkle: Sally Hansen Triple Shine “Pearly Whites”

This is one of those big-sparkle polishes, which apparently is meant less to be applicated, and more to be placed.. and that is cool. Not what I was expecting… but cool. I only wish that once placed the gigantic sparkles sparkled more – but they kind of seem to blend into the background. And it won’t be a bother now, but during Winter NAC, I noticed that it was difficult to remove this polish – even when it was an overcoat. That is probably a plus, usually, though, when one isn’t doing two polish jobs a week. 😉

Tan: Revlon Colorstay Longwear Nail Enamel “Trade Winds”

Toluene and DBP free. I inherited (not literally) this nail polish, right before Winter NAC and was surprised at how super helpful it was. Good as a base and drawing designs.


Red:  Rimmel, 60 seconds “Red, Steady, Go…”

This one was fine. It worked for drawing… it worked as a base. It was easy to apply (I did like the brush), and it dried quickly. And it was a great shade of red! Just like “red”.

Green: Wet ‘n Wild fastdry Nail Color “SaGreena the Teenage Witch”

I think of this color as Christmas-like, not Halloween– anyways.

I LOVE this one ! 😀 It looks beautiful in bottle, and really great on nail!! 😀 I was, and am, super-happy with it. It applies well, and dries well. It’s super simple to use, so I like that.

Green hand

ClearRimmel, 60 seconds “740 Clear”

Haha, this was what I was using as my “top coat”. I didn’t realize it was actually a clear coat. A clear polish 🙂

However, that aside – when applied carefully, it would give a great shiny covering to the nail art. Mom like how that looked; she said it made it look like “Stained glass… or something… that’s really cool!”

To do this, though, one must be careful. It re-wets the polish, and it will almost certainly spread, if you just drag the brush along… so I had to dob it on, and let it spread itself, and that was great.

That’s all folks! 😀

(P.S. I cheated, and typed with 2 hands some of the time (like now)… Woops.)


What is your favorite nail polish, or your favorite color to wear on your nails?

Do you prefer your nails painted or unpainted? I think I prefer mine unpainted – I know that must sound crazy, but they aren’t so “thick” and so they are easy to use. But if my nails start looking brittle (or being brittle) I’ll paint them, and then it’s fun to do designs – or just overload on sparkles! 😛


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