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Silly Things this Week


Dog Bones:


We were looking for some great chewing toys for Rimfire. I was perusing the selection, and looking at all the different flavors, when I saw a three pack of Nylabones. That seemed good. So, I picked it up and flipped it over. One was bacon flavor, the other was plain, and the third was — CHOCOLATE flavor?!? I was so surprised. Why? Why?!?


Be here by 9am.

Okay. I got to get up by 8am tomorrow.

Okay, I’m here, you told me to be here by 8!

Wha…? I said 9am. Very clearly.

Aaaah. I could really use the sleep… Sorry.


A shout out to my NZ acquaintance – I tried a flat white coffee! It was very good.



I MADE LASAGNA! How domestic am i? 😛 Nah, I’ve just been wanting to try making lasagna again since… well, for a long time! And I finally did, and it was vegetarian! And meat-eating BT ate it too!


There is no mistaking that BT and I are huge fans of Sherlock Holmes. I’m unable to explain it… His character is synonymous with some real archetype, and yet at the same time, like a mutual friend we can both agree on. It’s something we both “get”.

Anyways, it’s hard to find media that would convey all of that. And yet we did.

It’s got Sherlock’s snappy lines and quick thinking and Martin Freeman. So if you’re not following Sherlock’s lines, you can just watch Watson (Freeman). As BT says, “He’s got a face you can just look at for a long time.” Best way I could think of putting it. 🙂

It’s the Sherlock: Masterpiece by PBS… I hope I’m saying that right. Even though it’s modern, it passed the “test” – all Sherlock versions are fine, I just mean we liked it.

I’m so tired. I really should be going to bed earlier, and not forgetting what time I’m supposed to be places. 😛

Until next time,

Your sleepy friend out. 🙂

Oh! And P.S. I got the “YouTube Playlist” added and up. It’s one of the pages at the top of the blog. 🙂


What’s something funny you’ve seen or done this week?


Author: Arctic Hare!

I write Naturally Dreamy and have a lot of fun with that!

3 thoughts on “Silly Things this Week

  1. Did you get the chocolate one if so how did it go?


    • 🙂 I didn’t get the chocolate one. With chocolate being an allergen for dogs, I was really concerned about him starting to like the taste, especially since he is in the kitchen with me all the time, while I bake. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • ah yes true. It is odd they like doggie chocolate and real chocolate of course but it is very poisonous. My mum used to give her dogs choccie drops every night but doggie ones, but they didn’t even smell of chocoalte i wonder what they had in them x


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