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Marvelous Movies: Great Soundtracks

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Marvelous Movies

Update: Wow! Did I really give no preface to this post? Dewoops. Now, to remedy that. 😀

These are some of my favorite movies, separated from other favorite movies, because I think these guys have great soundtracks.

Here they are!

Prates of the Caribbean


There is no mistaking these songs, and they definitely up there in things that make this movie totally awesome.

The Truman Show


As BT said, they do a great job on this soundtrack. Even when you know the whole thing is rigged and faked, the music choreography gives you chills in spite of yourself. And the lullaby they play while he is sleeping always reminds me of another song – I think it’s classical – and even though, side by side, the two are distinct, it’s cool that this soundtrack is so memorable that it’s there in my head to remind me.

Italian Job


Hahaa! Yes! This one and Peter Gunn may be right on the edge of annoying for background, they are both terrific! When I think of the safe opening, the truck falling through the road, and Stella driving in in her mini…. I always think of it accompanied with music.



😀 Yuppers, this is probably just me, and the few others who love this movie. I thought the animation a bit too unrealistic the first time I watched, but I just love this move and soundtrack!! “Here I am this is me…”

Triplets of Belleville


Haven’t heard of it? Neither had I. But that was before watching this on BT’s laptop, once while stationary, and a second time on the twisty windy roads of a remote location while coming back from vacation. BT and I just geeking out and being like “YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!” And though the dog’s nightmare sequence terrified me, I still liked the rest of it.

Iron Man 


Driving, forceful, and flying… Of course, I only think of flying because it’s a movie about a guy flying (sorry, fans, I probably just realllllly upset you 😦 !), and this soundtrack ranks up there as movies with great soundtracks. BT always says, “Okay, be prepared, I’m going to drive fast…” when he puts this soundtrack on.



Love this soundtrack!! The movie is great, the soundtrack is great!! 😀

Oceans 11 & 12


Terrificly fun soundtracks. And they incorporate the lines that lead up to the song, which makes listening to these, really fun! “My name is Anthony Zerga… My name is Anthony Zerga… My name is Anthony Zerga.”

National TreasureMovie_national_treasure

Although this soundtrack was disappointing, I love watching the movie for the soundtrack… Kind of confusing, but it’s true, too! Great movie, great soundtrack, but the soundtrack doesn’t stand alone as well as some of these others.

Peter Gunn 


BT had an improptu air stand-up-bass session when he re-discovered this soundtrack as I asked him for advice. Definitely a winning soundtrack, and almost everyone knows some part or other of the songs, so it’s like a “Sweet Home, Alabama”, but in the soundtrack genre.

The Eagle Has Landed


Have you seen it? Have you seen it? It’s great! I don’t know why it’s great. There is so much that is sad, or terrible or morose about it…. But it’s a classic, it’s great, it’s familiar. I’ve watched it countless times from years and years ago… and the soundtrack is good. Duh, duh, duh, duh, duh duh, duh, dun-dun-dun-da-dun, dun dun dun dun dun, duh dun dunnn. <— Yeah, that totally doesn’t convey!

I also like the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind soundtrack, but I am not as familiar with it, so I took it off the list, and I don’t recommend the movie… but the soundtrack is worth a listen I think. 🙂

I haven’t seen all of these, but these are… BT’s Top Picks: Book of Eli, Last of the Mohicans, Man on Fire, Fountain, Gladiator, Lemony Snicket, Final Fantasy

Whew! This took so long, and my eyes are tired. Mental note: Next time, shorter list! 😀


What are your favorite “movies with great soundtracks”?


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