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Geek-Out Fridays: Sherlock and the Fascination of Rediscovery


BT’s job at Cool Co. leaves him with lots of time for research while on the job. He’s one of the most responsible people you’ll meet, so I’m not saying he neglects anything. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. He comes up with some of the most interesting ideas to research.

Well, one day, he decided to look up some INTJ humor and memes and things.

Usually whenever this happens – a resurgence of discovery of his personality type – it makes life very hard for me.

But this time, I thought I might be safe. After all, he is looking at memes, not books, and you can’t go very far in personality memes without running into memes about other personalities. I love books, but there isn’t room to be entirely one-sided on the internet, in personality cafes.

Anyways. It’s been good.

While looking up INTJ memes, he also found INFP memes, and the result has been a surgence of understanding.

Delicate as it is, it’s a nice very nice break.

This coincided with discovering new Sherlock series.

A lot of the memes BT found featured a few recurring characters. So, he set out to find who those characters were, or something. However it happened, we discovered 2 new Sherlock Holmes TV Series.

Yes, I have touched on this already. 🙂

One of them: TERRRIBLE.

The other one: better than I could have dreamed. 

It’s one of those modernized Sherlock TV Shows/movies.

But… It’s brilliant. It’s perfect. Nearly perfect. It’s fantastic.

And it seems to have perpetuated this fragile understanding.

But even more than that, it’s the best study I’ve seen into the personalities of the two while staying true to the stories.

What I like almost most of all is that it shows the best example I’ve ever seen of what life is like living with an INTJ.

Sherlock will be being quite short, or direct, or whatever it is, and Watson will think… “Okay, I’ll just leave, or something, I don’t want to be bothering him.” And Sherlock, as Watson leaves, with just a bit of plaintive note lost in his voice will say, “Where are you going?” <— I have had that happen so many times with BT. It’s amazing that they were able to show that. They don’t want you around, but when you leave, they realize that they actually do – do want some kind of connection. Not in the usual sense, but they rely on the support of others in a completely unique way.

And so many other little points they put in there.

I think they must have some kind of idea, and a collective agreement of what they want to portray, because the end result is so amazing. So true, and with such a common line running through all of it. I love it.

So, I’m geeking out over how mutual understanding really makes life better, and how awesome they made the Sherlock series.

I mean, seriously, it’s awesome.

I know… I should end this now, but line delivery? And script?! Talk about cosmically fantastically awesome! 😀 Great job guys. 🙂

And just because it seems like a lot of the fandom for Sherlock has forgotten that such a relationship exists, I just want to say (because I’m inwardly ranting about it) that friendship does exist. It’s a weird word, I still haven’t been able to make a solid definition for it, but I know what it looks like when I see it. And Sherlock is a great example of this word, friendship. But I’m glad, because I can’t explain it (and I want to explain everything I see, with boxes and boundaries) but I can observe great examples, like this, of what friendship is. It’s one of those unexplainable things.


What have you geeked out over this week?


Author: Arctic Hare!

I write Naturally Dreamy and have a lot of fun with that!

2 thoughts on “Geek-Out Fridays: Sherlock and the Fascination of Rediscovery

  1. I found myself totally geeking-out that maybe I’m not nuts because I really miss the sun — like rreaallly miss the sun– like I want to cry when I missed a chance to be in it when it’s warm and shining : ( And, that maybe a ‘light’ box may actually help : )


  2. Interesting, I’ve never thought of Sherlock from the personality typing perspective before but now, looking at it and looking at my life it seems very true. I’ll keep this lens in the future episodes of sherlock! Thanks!


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