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Yesterday, with a freshly, mostly-healed finger, I went out to “play” in the woods. General gallivanting around. I had a couple of objectives to make it fun, but it was really about being outside more.


Rimfire and BT came with, because… we like to do stuff just because.

We tried to clear a blockage in a stream, and for a long time, no one got hurt.

Then, I did. My hand slipped or something while I was trying to tug at a branch, and I fell backwards with a solid thump.

And – this is absolutely hilarious – I hurt my bottom. I say this with as much reverence I can muster.

My bottom has been hurt. And it hurts to do EVERYTHING.

Sitting down, standing up, getting tea (why did I put it on the bottom shelf?)… Nothing is free from the twinges, the dull ache or in some cases the extreme dull-intense pain that is the worst.

Rimfire’s been absolutely amazing. Bringing his toys to me, not losing his toy under the couch (where I wouldn’t be able to get it, even if I wanted to – too much pain), and jumping up on the couch on command so I don’t have to bend and leash him. He is so awesome.

And it’s so funny, because we can’t keep from laughing. I’ll be saying ‘Ow!! Ow… ow. ow. ow.” And all our brains thinks is “*snicker* her butt hurts.”

Call us immature. But, eh, no it’s a family thing. 😉

But, as so often happens, it’s promoted respect.

I can never tell what somebody is really going through, until I have actually experienced it to some point. When I hear other’s so-called (they aren’t, really) “sob stories”, it’s hard to imagine that they aren’t just seeing facts in a skewed way.

Or sometimes, I just can’t imagine what people are going through — and I SO want to!

Then I get a little glimpse. I’m not saying that I am going through anything remotely like what other’s bravely battle every day. Please keep that in mind! I do not want to offend anyone, here.

I read blogs where people have chronic pain, or fibromyalgia, and stuff like that. And as a healthy young’un, I just couldn’t get it. What’s it like to wake up in the morning, and not feel good? To know that all day, you’ll be in pain. How does that actually hinder life?

Well, now I get a taste. And you guys have got my respect.

And sometimes I can even get a glimpse of chronic emotional pain. Depression, panic attacks, and things like that – I haven’t ever experienced it, but I’ll have days, and I see, “oh my gosh. It’s like that.”

It goes as quick as it comes, but I’m left with the lasting impression.

You are brave. You are amazing. You are tremendous. You rely on forces greater than yourself, you take strength from somewhere and you live.

So, I just wanted you to know that. I respect you, I appreciate what you do and I appreciate you and I think you are amazing. I wish I could help you – if I can let me know! – but even if I can’t, I want you to know that.


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