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Ion Hair Color-Dying


This post is all thanks to my friend. I hope I do her justice in my explanation of how I color my hair. 🙂 I don’t exactly follow the rule book…

Also, thanks to my family for supporting me in “being totally crazy” and breaking out of a virtual box I’d put myself in.

Anyways – Yes! I dye my hair. This is how I do it and stay as natural as possible.

Oh, and by the way I realize that it was way silly of me to mention “gender neutral for blog” on this post when I have all these hair posts – and makeup…. It’s kind of obvious that I am a female, haha!

Brand: Ion – Color Brights

Blue hair This is my hair a few days after I dyed it with Ion Color Brights Blue. It has since faded to a sort of green, but still super-cool to have (whatever!) color in my hair. 🙂 This way you can see the shade of brown, and how effective or not it was so you can make a decision. 🙂

First of all you need to have these things:

  • Hair
  • Dye
  • Gloves
  • Aluminum Foil (or Foils – worth the expense to get specially)
  • Time
  • Place
  • Alcohol
  • Ion After Color Treatment Product


Okay, so you have a chunk of time, space and energy cut out.

  1. Select a color.
  2. Select a section of hair. Prethink this guys! You don’t want to be standing with dye spilling out of the tube and adjusting your plan! Optional: Secure the rest of your hair back.
  3. Arrange: Get everything you need together. Take your dye tube out of the box (read the instructions if you haven’t), foils out of the package, and soap in easy access.
  4. Use the paper inserts in between the foils (or paper towels) to line the counter where you will be working. This will save you a lot of headache! 🙂
  5. Put on your gloves.
  6. Squeeze an amount of dye out onto your fingers, near the tips. Start smoothing it out onto the section of hair.
  7. Keep doing this. Massage it through the section so it is kind of “wet”. You want to “see” the dye.
  8. When the hair is thoroughly done with that, separate hair into 1 centimeter diameter sections.
  9. Coil hair (wrapping hair around 2 fingers), slide foil under hair coil, near head.
  10. Fold over, and crimp until sufficiently in place.
  11. Proceed until all dyed hair is foiled.
  12. If the foils are in your way:
    1.  Secure them with a showercap.
    2. Use a headband to secure a foil back.
    3. Be creative!
  13. Let sit for 4-8 hours. It’s long. But, it’s totally worth it!

While it sits you can take some of the time to clean up.

Stain Troubleshooting: 

  • Soap and warm water – it works miracles with stains. Apply soap directly to stain; scrub; and wash off with warm water. (I actually found my “Kiss My Face” soap bar seems more effective at stain removing than any liquid soap I’ve tried.)
  • Alcohol! Stubborn stains respond to rubbing/isopropyl/etc. alcohol. Try this before reporting any damage to your parents, because it may in fact not be damaged. 😉
  • Repeated applications of soap+water/alcohol usually eventually remove stains! We will have blue in the shower for months, but it always goes away. 🙂
  • If you don’t use gloves, the exessive amount of stainage will fade. It took about 1/2 a day of handwashing, for me. (Yes, why didn’t I use gloves? Sometimes you just have to try it for yourself!)

Have you waited, agonizingly, ready for it to be done and revealed in all its rainbowness (or just to see if it took?)? Okay, next step:

  1. Carefully – so as not to stain anything – remove foils. (I can usually just pull it down, and the slipperyness of the dye will cause it to slide out.
  2. Save foils to use next time, place on something non-dyeable (like showercap).
  3. Rinse the dyed hair with COLD WATER.
  4. Until it runs mostly clear – don’t sweat it. But make sure you got the roots to tip rinsed – pockets can hide out.
  5. Turn off water. Apply the magical Ion After Treatment stuff. Run the serum all through the dyed section. It should feel smooth.
  6. Wait 3-4 minutes.
  7. Rinse out!
  8. Wallah!! Use an old towel to dry your hair and face, and everything.

It looks:

Most Vibrant: At stores with fluorescent lights.

Least Vibrant: At home, at night.

Lasts: For, like, months! Many, many washes of normal heat, normal shampoo. I think I have had a color in for about 3-6 months. And that was on my medium dark natural hair, with this brand. (I’m even washing it with Tea Tree shampoo, which is not supposed to be good for color, and it’s stiiill lasting! I have had red in my hair for a year now! 😀 )

My favorite colors: Blue and red. I really want purple highlights, and (at a separate time) pink highlights – ooh, and emerald green! -, but I haven’t successfully found dyes to do that on my dark brown hair.

Colors I’ve tried: Blue, Teal, Red, and Purple. The Blue is green and the Teal is blue, the Red lasts forever, and the Purple comes out Black. The blue is blue at first, and green later. But the teal kind of looks like a witchy green in grocery stores. Well, the first time I did it on a smaller piece of hair, it looked awesome the whole time. So, each time the color comes out a little differently. If I was less stubborn about not bleaching my hair, I might have “better” results, but this is the result I’m wanting for now.

I thought after I colored my hair, people would notice. They’d be like, “I like your hair color.” Or whatever. Maybe we are far too shy about complimenting people for fear of offending them  – I haven’t had but 2 mentions. So, I always wonder if it’s just like totally not visible, and because I stepped out of my box to do this, I wish that some random someone would say something, but when I’ve been that random stranger, I’ve awkwardly whispered to my shopping buddy, because I thought they’d be tired of people remarking on their cool hair.

If I could just find a pink for my hair, I’d be so happy! I know I’m probably asking way too much – consumers ask for things and don’t realize what it means, they think that companies have magical powers to deliver an effective product without harm to the environment, themselves or the body – but if there was a way to do it, I’d be so thrilled! 🙂

Last note, whenever I walk into a Sally Beauty Supply and buy the Ion colors, the clerks almost always look at me a bit funny. They think there is no way 1. that my hair is going to work with it, and 2. that I‘d do it. 🙂 The first one they’ve actually said to me, the 2nd was my Mom’s guess at what they were thinking.

But the dye is actually really effective over natural hair. It was actually a Sally Beauty Supply worker who gave me the tip to keep it in for hours, and it is absolutely essential for natural hair. So thanks to her for the tip!



Have you ever dyed your hair? Did you like it?

Do you ever color-dye your hair? What brand and color did you use?


Author: Arctic Hare!

I write Naturally Dreamy and have a lot of fun with that!

3 thoughts on “Ion Hair Color-Dying

  1. I’ve had my hair dyed twice by myself and I like the way it came out, pretty much used the steps you listed above. Good post!

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  2. I love the color and actually left it on for 2 days. My hair was soft and the color stayed for months on my med/dark brown hair!

    Liked by 1 person

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