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Neighborhood Kitty Names

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Okay, okay, I know this probably isn’t important to anyone but me. But I’ve always done it – name the animals I see around me. To me, it’s saying “I notice you, and though you’re not “owned”, you are unique and important to me.”

This wouldn’t feel like a problem, but I feel like a dreamer burden because I like to share all my newly named friend’s names – like immediately… I’m always so hyped and excited – because… well, I don’t know why, exactly.

And everybody else is like, “Yeah, whatever. It’s a feral cat. I have other, more important things on my mind.”

And I’m like, yeah, yeah, totally. I totally agree….

But his name is really cute. 🙂

Not like that matters, I know…

I know that most everybody has bigger things on their mind, but most of my posts here fall into the 8 and under category, anyways, so I wanted to share! 🙂

Ross/ Rossi: Named after Friends’ Ross and Criminal Minds Rossi.

Ross for blog

He has since disappeared, but I hope somebody just took him in, like we’d taken LL in… not something else….

Rachel and Emma: (also a Friend’s reference!) I found out that Rachel was someone’s, and also a male… I thought for sure (after seeing snuggles like this all season) that Rachel was Emma’s mum. But actually, Rachel is “Radar” (I was surprised how similar the names were) and not related to Emma. 🙂 Radar and Emma

Mrs. Whitman and her Kittens: She was a white cat, and I watched here laboriously watch over her adorable offspring that year. So, Mrs. Whitman & her kittens.

Barnaby: Named after DCI Barnaby in Midsomer Murders, this grey cat is one I just named a few days ago. 800px-Greycat 1236931636_1

The cat looks something like this. 🙂 And that’s Barnaby on the bottom.

Myrlight: Oh, she’s so cute!! She’s black and white, and I’ve always liked the look of black and white animals. 🙂


Since Radar, I haven’t yet typed a cat with the wrong gender, thankfully, because I think a guy might be embarrassed being called Myrlight. 🙂

And my latest name was for a cat I’ve known for a while. He was kind of a bully to Ross and Emma, so I didn’t really like him hanging around. However, I went ahead and named him the other day. Shyamalan – I saw that somebody had lost (and found) a black and white kitty and her name was Night. So when I saw Shyamalan hanging around, I thought of the last black and white kitty name I’d seen (because he is mostly black with white accents) and thought then of “M. Night Shyamalan” and I thought that Shyamalan would be a perfect name for him. He’s intense, dark and mysterious!

Well, that’s it. I hope you guys have been great!! I’ve been trying to spend less time on my computer, meaning I’ve fallen behind on reading other’s blogs (sorry) and typing posts. Sorry about that!

Q&A: Do you name animals around you? Why? What have you named them?


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