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Geek-Out Fridays: Virtual Piano!

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Geek-Out Fridays

I was looking for an online piano, that would work with my computer keyboard, and that was free. A tall order!

And I actually found one!

And it is amazing because it runs well, has an elegant logo, and they come with music sheets.

Now, as my mom always told me, if I just write down the notes of a song, I won’t know the timing, and therefore a song may not come out recognizably.

That is the problem I’m running into (a lot) with the Virtual Piano and their music sheets. But it is very cool how they have them available. 🙂 And it works so flawlessly, that it’s great to be able to bang out some notes, even if they don’t form a recognizable tune. 😀

Of course, now I want to buy an upright piano for reals (they only cost like $100!!), but that is going to be a farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr off objective. Plus, by then I might have already become indifferent to piano once again.

Well, I’ll never be indifferent to piano music, or the magical ability people have to sit down at this grand machine and bring music into the world, but I might again decide I don’t need that superpower… Or maybe I won’t, and this will actually spur me on to learn an instrument!! That would be so cool!

Anyways, this is what I’ve been geeking-out over this week!!

Peace out!


What instrument do you know or have always wanted to learn?

What instrument do you like listening to?

Have you geeked out over anything this week?


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