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Laugh Until Our Ribs Get Tough

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Yesterday, I actually got back into working out – instead of just talking about exercising – and so I did.

I used a great YouTube video for it that I found here. (A friendly reminder – You are terrific as you are, you don’t need to exercise out of guilt, because you ate something that didn’t agree with you or to lose weight. You are good enough as you are – do it for you, and how you feel.)

I did the beach one, and stopped when it got repetitive and skipped to the end warrior pose.

Do you know how much fun warrior pose is??

And then I went on my merry way, and stuff.

Then, later that night, BT had some new memes to show me… His memes reminded me of a few memes I’d found… then he wanted to look at more memes along the Sherlockian meme vein I’d found — and we found some awesome ones!! — we went farther down the Pinterest search (which I’d already done like 3 times) than I ever had before, and having him there, we clicked on different ones, and found some good ones.

Some that made me laugh out loud.

Some of those memes reminded me of Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show videos I’d watched earlier in the day, and then I showed him those… And those videos reminded BT of a video he’d seen, and then we watched that… and we finished off with a video that bridged both genres.

But then we got another person added to our group. Mom came in, and I told her what we’d been doing, and then BT wanted to share some of them, and so did I, so we re-shared, re-read, and re-watched and also re-laughed…

Some of the memes had already made me laugh, not harder, but lonnnnger than I had for a looong time — and I was thinking about it, and I believe it was just because it was a reeeally long “meme” and comedic the whole way through… and since we read it twice the first sitting, it had the unique ability to make me laugh a long time, by nature of it’s length. Most things are short bursts, ya know? And that makes sense.

Anyways, enough with the thinkings.  (There’s never enough thinkings!) (<— Yes, there is! Like at night, when you are supposed to be sleeping!!)

I found my ribs just starting to hurt, (something I hadn’t had in forever) from laughing, at the end of that silly meme.

And today — every time I laugh I get this pain/soreness all through my mid-section. The fact that laughing makes me hurt, makes me laugh, and the cycle goes on… and then if the thing I’m laughing at continues to be silly…. Oh dear.

This morning, when I wasn’t that sore, I thought it must have been the meme – that’s kind of odd, but maybe? Maybe laughter is the best medicine  workout.

But as the day progressed, and the soreness increased and spread, I realized it must have been the workout (too?)!

Well, that’s cool. I didn’t work that hard, I just had fun, and I still gave my body the challenge it needed.

However, whenever I laugh today – at more Sherlock Pinterest searches, BT, the baby I was watching, life and all it’s funny moments, or hilarious YouTube videos (see below!) — I remember the Lorde song.

This is the aforementioned “YouTube video”. I was looking for something on YouTube, and BT wanted to show me this video. He didn’t expect me to think it was funny.

Er, I couldn’t stop laughing for most of it 😛

(By the way, if you want to see the meme that made BT and I crack up so, it’s this one.) It does kind of take an understanding of Benedict Cumberbatch, and maybe Sherlock, or the fandom or the crazy/silly memes that spring from Benedict or Sherlock.

But the only thing you really need to know is the actor’s name is “Benedict Cumberbatch.”

But, also here is an introductory meme, to the craziness…:


I hope you have had a terrific day! 😀


What is your favorite meme series?

Are you a crazy fan of anything? I am not familiar with it, but it seems a lot of people are really fans of something – or else I don’t think “SuperWhoLock” would exist. Even if I don’t understand it, some of what they come up with makes me laugh — ow.

Does being sore make you laugh?


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