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Things I’ve Been Enjoying

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♫ And it’s been awhile… ♫ …

Since I posted. 🙂

One of the few rock songs I like – partially because of Pandora’s preemptive interference.

Fer as I can tell, the only rock I like is what I think could be dubbed “reflective rock” — it has gentle elements and intricate melodies – Linkin Park (“Castle of Glass”, “What I’ve Done”, “Leave Out all the Rest”); “Through the Glass”; “It’s Been Awhile” — ones like that. It’s not all noise and anger.


Since it has been a while, I thought I’d post a recap and share some things I’ve been enjoying.





Hey, it’s a pretty cool show!

Guardians of the Galaxy:


BT was much better at saying all the reasons why… I wouldn’t say this is one of my “top movies”, but I definitely enjoyed it, and would buy it and watch it rather frequently. I like how they give breaks from the action, has a good guy (the police aren’t bad in this movie, yay!), and the funny stuff, is funny. BT and I love “Thesaurus” and “metaphor” and the dancing. <– you may need to see it to understand.

But we couldn’t get behind the main character, and Rocket’s voice and motivations never seemed to match up for us, and Groot’s inflections, when translated, were way off what we thought he was inferring.

But A+ for humor, and considering the adrenaline of the movie watcher, and showing 1. good police, and 2. that something is only intimidating if you think it is.

I LOVE the first scene — er, I mean the first scene after the credits, the “set up” you’re-in-space scene. Endearing!

Kingdom Rush:

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 1.22.11 PM

I discovered this game on Addicting Games (great game site, though I don’t favor the name) when they made it a featured throwback game. It’s a strategy game, and I tend to like a lot of the strategy games out there, and this one is high on the list!

David Ellis, “Breach of Trust”:


Doubt my morals, and stuff, but I really liked this book!! I appreciated the author’s style of writing, and his commitment to consistent characterization, and though the story has a few moral pitfalls, it stays pretty clean.

I like how the guy is totally down in life, but he is committed to doing good. And because he has nothing to lose, he’ll put anything on the line to do the absolutely right thing.


Drop Falling into Water

Water is good stuff. And since getting a warning about our line, we have been needing to boil it for a minute before consuming. Oy vey. With only one pan (nonstick) that has been frequently used to make onion soups, our water has been a little lukewarm and onion-y of late.

I’ve never had to boil water before partaking of it, and though it’s flavor is less than delightful (along with it’s temp.) I appreciate it so much more. Instead of fufilling a want, it’s limited amounts and stuff have alerted me that super I’m grateful for the water meeting my needs – metabolic, physiologic, and systemic – and that is such an amazing thing. (I’ve been reading a lot of anatomical science books, lately!)


I was out and needed some kind of snack or dinner or something, and rather than go out to eat, I said, just go the grocery store, and I’ll get something.

I came back with a small (on-sale) vegetable platter, a pack of sliced cheese, a to-go canister of Cheez-its and a bag of M&M’s and a pack of Rolos (I couldn’t decide). All for under $10, and was great for the long day of work 😀


With money I saved from last month, I bought myself a sketchbook! My first (haha, I say that like it’s a big deal.)

I’m not good at drawing… at all. But I was inspired by my Twitter friends and a recent series of sketches I’d tried to do, and thought a sketchbook would be perfect for writing down my artistic ditties. Those are all the wrong words, woops.

It’s pretty! It’s got leaves and butterflies on it, and stuff…


Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 1.19.12 PM

I had a little bit of not sleeping well, and I had a pair of earbuds I could use. So, I turned to my Pandora sleep station, which was still in development…
It really helped me get sleepy!! It was awesome.

Instead of going round and round in my head about concepts, I could (seflishly) just go to sleep. Great for the next day.

Nice weather:


We have some marvelous days (crickets chirping!!), which I love, but the cold days have had their fun, too. Taking wild dashing runs into the woods, sitting on logs, or just walking barefoot (and getting them all icy!) has been really great!

Rimfire is equally glad about these excursions – he needs no reasoning behind it and he’s just happy to be out.


What have you been enjoying lately?

Loving any books?


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