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Crazy Eights Home Rules

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Today, BT and I decided to play a card game. It fit in really well with the day’s lazy Sunday, overcast feel, and I chose Crazy Eights.

BT despises home rules for games. But I guess we both thought Crazy Eights was due for some change, because when I brought this up, he shrugged and said, “Yeah.”

Crazy Eights

  • at least 2 people – I will describe 2 player play
  • Deck of cards
  1. Deal 8 cards to each player.
  2. Put the deck in the middle.
  3. Turn over the top card. This is the pile you will lay down on.
  4. Person not the dealer plays first.
  5. Match suit (diamond on diamond) or number (jack on jack) – so lay one of your cards on the face-up pile. If you can’t do this: a. if you have no matching cards, you can lay down an 8 of any suit. It’s a wild card. Then say what suit you would like it to be – play continues in said suit., OR b. draw from the draw pile until you have something you can lay down – an 8, or matching suit or number card.
  6. Keep playing like this, until one person runs out of cards. That person wins!

That is how normal play goes. I added in this rule.

  1. Keep the Jokers in the deck and deal like normal.
  2. If a Joker is overturned as the start of the discard pile, put it back in the deck and turn over another card.
  3. Jokers are a wild card – but you are not allowed to state what suit you would like it to be. — (I’ll clear this up..)
  4. With a Joker, you can lay down 2 cards – on any card. You must have more than 3 cards in your hand (excepting the Joker). The top card (of the 2 you laid down) is the suit and number you continue to play on.
  5. If you do not wish to lay down two cards, or one of the previous rules prevents your doing so, use the Joker like a wild, able to be laid down on anything.

This did make play more interesting!

And it was really weird, too, because I dealt about 5 times in a row – and every time, BT picked up or was dealt both Jokers!!

When he dealt: first, both Jokers turned up when he tried to start the discard pile, and second, I received both Jokers!! Finally on the 7th or 8th game, he got one, and I got one… but it was really weird. 🙂

After the 8th or so game, BT suggested his own new rule.

Have you ever played Egyptian Rat Slap? It goes by other names as well… If you have, this rule will be a little easier to understand. If you haven’t that’s cool, I’ll explain it. 😀

  1. K, Q, J and Aces will all be special.
  2. A = 4, K = 3, Q = 2 and J = 1.
  3. If you have one of these cards, and the corresponding amount of cards in that same suit, you can lay down, for example, 3 heart cards with the King of hearts, or 1 spade card with the Jack of spades, and such like.
  4. So, if there is a 5 of hearts on the discard pile, and you have a Q of hearts, a 6 of hearts, 9 of hearts, J of hearts and 3 of hearts, you can lay down the Q and any two: 6, 9, J or 3, or the Jack and any one other card.
  5. The card on top is the card play continues from. You can order your cards before laying them down so this card is the one you wish it to be.
  6. NOT COMBINABLE. You may not lay down the K, 3, 6, J, and then say “oh, I laid down the Jack, I get to lay down one more card in that suit.” … Cool?

These really made playing Crazy Eights fun for us today!

(See my earlier post about new way to play Go Fish.)

Hope your Sunday is going well. 🙂


What are some of your favorite card games to play?

What game would you play all the time? Even if someone came and woke you up, you would be happy they did, because you like the game so much?


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