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Spring – The Time for Baking

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đŸŽ¶ Spring-time for Ba-king… and Choc-o-late!Â đŸŽ¶

BT used to go around singing the snippet from The Producers (2005, not the original), “Spring-time for Hit-ler and Germany!!” — and would meet with really odd looks from us.

“Oh… You haven’t seen it yet.” He’d say every time. I saw it a few months ago. Suddenly, the quote finally made sense… but without that…

I do recommend The Producers (2005). It is fun to watch with family (older audiences only), and has several usable and totally funny quotes for daily situations… and also if you see it, you won’t think I’m crazy for the “Springtime for Hitler” thing… 😉

Anyways. I had a photo shoot with chocolate cake today! I used the Springtime as a backdrop. I totally had fun!

(Captions tell some of the story behind the shots.)

The recipe is from Chocolate Covered Katie’s cookbook (available at a good price from – support the bookstores! 🙂 ) but the frosting is one that I made up. Not entirely original; made up from how I know the ingredients go.

I’ll give the recipe here, but I didn’t measure, so I’m sorry for the lack of details… Hopefully you can recreate it by feel??

Chocolate Frosting (Redux – I deleted the last one I posted here :/ )

  • Butter – 2 Tbsp?
  • Cocoa – pour some in
  • Powdered Sugar – pour some in
  • Vanilla – less than 1/2 tsp
  • Almond milk – 1 1/2 tsp?
  1. Put the Butter, Cocoa, Sugar and Vanilla into a food processor.
  2. After it starts mixing, and forming, (and not pluffing up a lot of powder) pour in the smalll amount of almond milk in the top.
  3. Eventually, it will turn into like whipp-y frosting.

Frost the cool – mostly cool – cake. It will kind of melt on there, but it doesn’t fall down the sides. I was surprised, because it worked really well! I didn’t tear the cake, the frosting coated the sides, and spread easily.

I first smeared it on the top, and from the “pile” that accrued in the middle, I could start edging down the sides, without glops falling off.

Behind the Blog:

I use Pixlr for a lot of the pictures I take with my real camera – not to edit, but change the file size. They are each about 1-5 MB and if I don’t make them “smaller”, I will soon run out of storage on my WordPress account. The Pixlr desktop app has a cool feature when you “save as…” you can determine what quality you want it saved at! It looks as good I can’t tell the difference, and all these photos went from megabytes to kilobytes. If my mail application didn’t automatically do this, that would be another time I’d use that feature, but I thought I’d share, because there are so many times I need a photo file to be smaller, but look just as nice!


Have you baked or creating anything recently? What was it?


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