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High point of the day

Eating hummus and cucumbers on the back deck with my dog. The sun was getting low, but shining bright while the breeze blew a chill across the day. It was so pretty! (and tasty!)

Low point of the day

Between being hungry, sugar lows, misunderstandings, and also just nothing causing it, I felt like I was very mean today. 😦 I do not like those days, and all the apologies I might say don’t make up for it. And I don’t think I’ve said an apology in a timely manner, today. 😦

Everything I said wasn’t very nice, somehow. If I could just shake this horrible feeling, and be pleasant to the world again. Accidental anger is the worst. I still have some time left. Maybe I can turn it around.

Addendum: The evening went great. It did turn around. πŸ™‚

A durable/ Adorable

I was listening to a Gorilla Glue commercial, and they said “a durable”… I heard “adorable.” I never thought about how similar they are. πŸ™‚


This gif! Makes me smile when I think of it, and, I don’t know! It’s so succinct!

anigif_enhanced-buzz-23428-1389051181-20 Recorder

I’ve been using my voice recorderΒ to record some of those precious conversations between the differing personalities in my house, and it has paid off. I have at least 2 genuine reactions that are probably going to be remembered for years to come, and now I have it (with what prompted it) on tape!

MP3 Player

I want to get something so I can like listen to the songs I have on Pandora off-line. It will take a while to amass, but I thought I should find what I want to keep it on (I could just do CD’s, but I want to bring it if I need to, somewhere, easier), and I found two I like. I can’t yet decide between (nor afford) either, so I did a bit more research yesterday.

The Fiio has no built-in storage, but can take a 128GB card.

The Walkman does have a good amount of storage, but also can take a card.

The Fiio is 1/3 of the price. So, then I looked up the question I’d failed to ask. How much is the SD card?

It’s $100! Well, at that rate… Is it worth it to get the Walkman? $200 for the Fiio, and $262 (used and without additional storage) for the Walkman. The decision thickens…

Well, I hope you’re having a better day than I am. πŸ™‚


What was the high point/low point of your day today?


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