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Recently: The “Products” Edition

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This week, I’ve discovered some new things, and wanted to share. Other than that, it’s other favorites from this week.

Not very descriptive… sorry!

I’ve got some posts ready, I’m just hoping to get second eyes on them, first. 🙂 Nervous me, always!!

And because I like pictures… (and quotes)…Here is one I found this week!


Speed reading personalities

BT got a book. He said it was about speed-reading people, but I didn’t get interested until he said “to find out their personality”. Interesting conversation ensued.

We do this thing where I’ll be working on something – trimming my split ends (I go one at a time… eye cross-erosis inducing, but also fun), or transcribing, or something, and he’ll be reading a book and ask if “I mind him saying things that are interesting”… and it’s just a fun time. Because otherwise you just have one person doing something, and one person reacting to something you have no idea what it is, and it’s a great way to bond.

Llama in Your Face

My current favorite game (besides Sushi Cat – but I already beat 1 and 2), this week on Addicting Games. I just wish my progress would save.

The Tonight Dough

It finally became available in my local store!! I enjoy watching some of Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night Show on YouTube. And I also enjoy sharing them with BT and Mom. Actually it was BT who first recommended Jimmy Fallon. He’d seen the Emma Stone Lip Sync Battle and couldn’t wait to show us!

Some people complain about Mr. Fallon laughing at things so often (I think it’s awesome)… and I don’t really watch Fallon for his comedy.

I like how the guests seem at ease on his show, how they seem to be able to be comfortable with Fallon, and therefore let down their guard. I like the giant moon backdrop, and I like the games they come up with on the show. I would never think of them, but somehow, they actually work.

Giant Bags of Chocolate Chips

(possibly triggering for those with ED’s… or it could be okay… Just a note.)

BT had had a bad day. I needed some groceries, so he offered to buy them for me. I needed some chocolate chips so I could make some snacks, and I said “I don’t care what size. I like Nestle, but it doesn’t matter.” He came back with TWO double-size bags of Nestle chocolate chips.

One for him.

“Open. And chug.” He said. He’d had no dinner, and with the way his day had gone, I just nodded.

And then I made chocolate chip cookies. This, my favorite recipe, right now.

And we ate chocolate chips and cookies, and sat in the dark, being nice. It was cool.


Any products that stand out to you from your week?

How has your week been?

Got any special Easter plans??


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