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My Saturday Cooking Adventure


When I saw this recipe come through my inbox, from Cookie Monster Cooking, I was stunned. It looked amazing – like totally unmakeable – but the ingredients and process was simple. Doable even.

Could… could this really be done?

By her pictures, apparently yes. Could I do it? I bought the ingredients to find out.

I had a basket, and 3 kinds of flours – “Do you need a cart?” — Nah… I… But they brought the cart, anyways, and remembering that I had 3 pounds of cooking ingredients, (not to mention everything else), I was forced to admit, carrying it out myself was not a good option.

Today, I slotted the time to make these Breakfast Calzones, yeast, and all. (Yeast and I have a checkered past.)

Here is how it worked.

First I made the dough, and let it set in the oven. I went from Law & Order, and when it ended, to Hancock, (on the TV), and started chopping the ingredients.

I kind of forgot that onion is painful on the eyes, and when I remembered I forgot how painful.

I’d carefully applied eye makeup earlier in the day, some bright blue eyeliner and mascara, just for fun, and when I went to my room, stepped on and reached over my longboard to reach my cabinet to fetch a pair of sunglasses (they are great for protecting eyes against onion splatter!!), I saw blue and black flecks spread along my arm.

What in the? What did I brush up by?

“Whatevs” I thought, “My hands are still clean”, and I got my sunglasses – Should I wear the ones that are cracked? Or my souvenir sunglasses – bright orange, and totally corny ones?

The corny ones had more surface, so they won, and I’ve been stylin’ them ever since. LOL.

When I went to the bathroom, though, I noticed my eyes had turned black and blue, too, not just my arm. Oh, right, my makeup, and my profuse crying and wiping my eyes along my arm! My makeup was no more; so I just grabbed my cosmetic coconut oil (the remains of a jar that is long gone) and wiped off what I could, and let the rest be.

I scrambled the eggs, cut the pepper, hand-shredded (as in, with a knife) the cheese, while giving Rimfire and myself generous amounts. 🙂

I also cut up a cantaloupe I’d gotten while waiting for the dough to finish.

I took the dough out of the oven after 1 1/2 hours. I gasped. I was so excited – it looked exactly like it ought to!!


Anyways, I was over the moon at that point, and even more excited when I peeked at the cooking calzones. Amazing! Such an easy recipe, but truly, like super gourmet. I would never have expected I could have pulled this off.

And the sticking (rather literally) point? Where you try fill those persnicketty balls of dough-y goodness? It actually went just fine. I did one in a calzone, but the others I rather hurried/experimented with. Thus one ended up as a ball, another as a triangle… the other one is calzone-y with a side of chaos.

Taking out the second calzone, I burned myself and squealed in protest, looking first at the hotpad for holes (it’s happened before) then at my hand for signs of damage. Negative on both, but I still freaked the dog. 😦 Rimfire was worried – he knows me and knows my “it’s nothing” noises, and when I’m actually seriously in trouble – – which is weird, because each of those are non-repeated, so he has to recognize a completely new noise as the one to pay attention to… Anyways, the Ben and Jerry Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream promptly soothed my burned hand. 🙂

So, when they came out, we were both in awe – I mean, he kind of looked like it, as he slowly sat down while gazing at the counter. I grabbed my camera and took some photos, and as soon as it was cool enough, gave Rimfire some.

Finished Calzone

While typing this, they further cooled, and I got to try half of one. They taste pretty good! (They taste really good! Plenty of flavor. 🙂 )

Calzone inside

I am still amazed at this recipe – it looks and feels so complex, restaurantey, but it’s really perfect for the home! I mean why would a restaurant go through the difficulty (it’s not really that difficult) of making calzones for breakfast? And it will probably prove awesome for busy mornings. It’s a complete-like meal.. I’m sorry, I’m gushing.

I’m also gushing because I can’t believe I did this!!

Kapow Kalzone LOL

(I like to bake, but cooking is not a normal practice for me – vegetables – boil; meat – boil (I actually like meat cooked this way best); grains – boil.. it gets rather formulaic with me! 😛 )

So, anyways, I had super fun trying this on my Saturday afternoon lounging.


How is your Saturday going? Try anything new today (or whatever day you read this?)?


BT just started cooking fresh chicken, instead of buying it prepared. A cost saving and culinarily interesting choice.

Well, I’m still not used to it, and after going vegetarian rather a while ago, I forgot why we had the formality of “What did you cut on this board?” — I thought it was just for the mixing of flavors.

We had a movie on, or something, and so I went ahead and prepared my fresh dinner with the board he’d used… without asking him what he cut on it.

Noodles, block cheese and fresh tomatoes combined to make a delicious and easy dinner salad for spring.

BT passed me, and his eyeballs enlarged, and he asked,  “What did you cut on this board? What did you cut on this board?”

I paused the movie, and took another bite, something I saw he wasn’t happy with — but not in a mad way… he was… concerned?

I paused in my eating, and tried to remember… “Uh. Tomatoes.” I could see by his face… Uh… Oh…

“I cut chicken on this board! That’s why we have the formality!” – we weren’t upset, but we did take it seriously. We kind of laughed, actually, it was so ironic.

I microwaved my meal, and hoped for the best. And it went fine, but that is the only time I’ve ever eaten something that touched raw chicken!


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3 thoughts on “My Saturday Cooking Adventure

  1. Oh boy sounds like my cooking adventures. Fun read 😀


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