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What do I do with a night in?

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I’d already vacuumed.

Rimfire was lounging on the couch.

Come to think of it, did I let him up? Hmm. I don’t know.

I decide to make some bread. It’s 7pm – so I turn to Wheel of Fortune. Sure, it may sound lame, but it’s like an interactive TV show. You can try and guess along with them, and you see so much of the person’s character, it’s rather interesting.

I need to knead the dough for 10 minutes – I picked a recipe with lots of kneading, because I didn’t want a recipe that would rely on a blender, or something, being’s as I didn’t have one!

I take the large cutting board and the dough, and the bag of flour to the rug in the middle of the floor. I sprinkle some flour over the board, and plomp the dough down.

Knead, knead, knead for 10 minutes. For a moment, the board gets away from me, and for a couple turns, I knead the dough on the ground. *gasp*

No hair, so I guess I’m okay. Good thing I just vacuumed. Lol.

Flour is kinda going over the edges of the board, but that’s what the broom is for!

I remove the cookies I cooked yesterday from the oven, and put the kneaded dough in, covered with a kitchen towel. I’m supposed to also cover with plastic wrap – I don’t have any.

I grab a cookie. My stomach starts hurting; I get some of that fresh squeezed lemon juice from a couple days ago. It’s frozen. Frozen? Wow. Still tasty.

And now I’m writing this blog post, with Rimfire still lounging beside me. He got off to eat dinner, but soon asked to be let back up.

Eh, it’s that kind of night. The windows are open, it’s pretty out.

Jeopardy is on. I should get dinner oh, yeah! I got dinner. But I didn’t have lunch… Lunch was a late after-breakfast snack… Breakfast was… small.

Well. Yup. A night in.

Birds chirping, breezes blowing, Rimfire perking his ears to neighborhood noises, bread for tomorrow that proves to be a fun challenge tonight, rising in the oven. And trying to guess the answers on Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune.

I totes am not normal, but no one here is minding. 🙂


What do you do on a solitary night in?


Have you seen the Google Doodle today? It’s so cute, (and informative)! The higher you raise the volume, the harder the guy plays!!

Oh, yeah! And the possible confrontation today? I got a definitive answer, and it went great!

(Oh yeah, and this is totally not going to be my whole night! I have far too much energy. Reading, catching up on blogs, transcribing, playing with Rimfire, doing more chores, exercising, researching — I have a lot of things I’ll probably do.. I just for some reason felt like sharing this calm 1/2 hour of my evening 🙂 )


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