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Hand me the Eye Cream?

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I was curled up on the couch, with Rimfire there at my feet, his usual place of choice.

My stomach wasn’t feeling well, and I felt all right, for now, in this recumbent position.

I just got a new eye cream on, but had forgotten to apply it today.serumeye__0007_Layer-12_grande

“Could you hand me my eye cream?” I asked BT, who was near the box. The box was on a seat by the table. I’d showcased my new products the day before, so I hoped I wasn’t asking something too difficult – something he knew nothing about.

He sat behind me, and would be handing the item over my back to in front of me.

I’d been doing crafts on the table, and it had our usual menagerie of stuff on it. He took something from the table, and made a *squirt* sound as he handed it to me. It was craft glue. I laughed, and said, “No! It’s in the box, on the seat.”

He rummaged on the table some more, and next showed me the White-out. “No, no! It’s…” I really wanted to make sure I wasn’t making this too hard on him. My directions are usually so unclear; I leave out vital chunks.

Then, either he said it, or I realized it. He knew it wasn’t on the table. Okay, good – we were just playing.

I couldn’t wait to see what was next.

All natural “Peaceful Mountain” muscle rub.

Then he moved to the box. I thought “This will narrow down his choices considerably. I only have two products in there.”

So I wasn’t surprised when he handed over the other product I’d ordered – a sunscreen stick that’d come with my eye cream. I laughed.

He put it back. The eye cream had to be next right? The streak was over.

He handed over an apple next. Where’d that come from? Oh, yeah, I stuck that in the box.

Then came my hair lotion. “spurlk!” He said as he pretended to squirt it in my eye. “quirlk, quirlk.”

And finally, the only product left was the cream. He held it in its packaging over me. I pulled down and it rewarded us with a solid “THUUP” as it disengaged from the outside roll.

We’re a crazy lot. We have a lot of fun. And a lot of laughs over silly things. It’s the best.


What kind of silly things do you do with your family?


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