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3 Reasons Why I Think My Mom is Terrific

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Happy Mother’s Day everyone!!

I’m very lucky. (Blessed, would probably be more accurate…).

I know enough people who do not have great Moms they can rely on. I really do not know what I would do if I had that, so I am thankful that I do, and hope she knows this 🙂

Now, of course, as with every human being, she has blind-spots and makes mistakes. But the cool thing I LOVE about my family, is that we are always trying to change in good ways so it’s always getting better. 🙂

So, here are 4 recent examples of how my Mom has been simply amazing.

1: “I just really don’t know what to reply back! I just have so much to say, and all I’m doing is gushing!” I said.

Her answer?: “Hmm… How about you write two sentences for each question. Just take 2 sentences to answer each question.”

This worked aaah-mazingly! It was probably one of the most effortlessly normal replies I’ve ever written out, and will probably help me out of tough spots later on!

Mom is always trying to find new ways to help people out that fit with their weaknesses and strengths.

2: “I hope you sleep well, whenever that is for you.”

Mom, like most people who care for people, wants the best for her family. So, she really doesn’t like it when I say I’m not sleeping well. When I try to explain that I don’t mind… it just doesn’t work. So one night, as she bid me adieu, and said sleep well (on a particularly bad week of nights) I wasn’t sure what to say, when she continued, “…whenever that is for you.”

That elicited a giggle and a smile from me. She was saying, I’m cool with you staying up till 2 in the morning if that works for you. I’m cool for you sleeping whenever you can, as long as it’s good for you, and I hope that it’s a good sleep. 🙂

3: “It’s okay… Consolation Hugs– so sorry for your loss! *sniff*”

My mom replied this to an email I sent her about a skink I’d found dead. Rimfire had been hunting geckos, but they always got away. I let him do this, supervised, so he could keep his innate hunting skills. I would call him off when he got too close, though, and tell him he did a good job, and that he could leave it now.

But while he was unsupervised, he caught one. I thought the gecko had got away, with just the cool-gecko-tail thing.

But the next day, I found the reptile – actually a skink – dead by my dog’s hand, and my lack of supervision.

Well, I e-mailed all this to mom, and told her I’d given it a burial… and she said the above.

Now that is a lot of grace for your daughter’s weirdness. 🙂


Why is your Mom awesome? Is there someone else in your life who is terrific? Why are they awesome?

P.S. – Happy Mother’s day, Mom! I hope you like your gift. It’s by the puzzle. You can go ahead and watch it! 😉


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