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Tuesday Today .16

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Made a call:


I made a call as soon as I could after I woke up. And it’s actually all going well!

Tweeted to help #SaveForever:


I used TweetDeck to schedule tweets today, so I didn’t have to be on Twitter at all to help Save Forever.

ABC canceled it, so we are seeing if we can show support for it and have another network pick it up.

Took a survey:

I did go on Twitter, though, and saw this “Are you not a scientist? Take this survey!”. So I did. It was cool. Want to take it? They’re hoping to be able to engage non-scientists better, and they made it completely anonymous. (Danke schoen.)

Got really down on myself:


First I tweeted a bunch of Tuesday tweets today, because I thought — oh. my. gosh. It’s not Tuesday. IT’S NOT TUESDAY! Why am I making a Tuesday post? Oh my gosh. I’m ready to sit on the couch and not do anything else, because everything I touch is aagggh.

So, yes, today (Monday) I tweeted a bunch of tweets for Tuesday, and then Tweet Deck wouldn’t let me change the pre-scheduled ones, and I couldn’t find folders, because I thought 2014 was 2 years ago…

Reminded myself not to eat MSG:

I ate a candy with MSG in it. So not worth it! I do not feel good with MSG. 😦

Signed up for Nerd Fitness Academy:

I joined! I’ve been wanting to join forever!

Reading A Tale of Two Cities:


I’ve heard good things about this book for so long, and I’m finally reading it. I’m 1/3 of the way through, but so far, it’s not topping my list. I wonder if I’m missing something in the frequent passages that are going over my head.

I mean, I’m reading it to try to help me fall asleep, so when a sentence gets really long and abstract the tiny part of me that is tired is like, “Ehhh?”

Frosted Cranberry:


I went to a business bathroom today, and they had lotion samples. It said “handmade” so I decided to give it a try. It smelled really good (“Frosted Cranberry” scent) and it lasted (scent and softness) through several handwashes. Impressive!


How has your Monday been? Got any awesome Tuesday plans?


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