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Muffins for Neighbors


I was out walking Rimfire, when I looked across the way and noticed a second tombstone in the neighbor’s garden.

The first tombstone seemed to be for a pet – for the name was Rock — and well, it’s a lawn, it’s unlikely you’d bury family so close…

So I figured that the second one marked the passing of this ancient looking dog I’d seen. He seemed so old when I first saw him, and a full year later, he was still kicking.

I remembered when LL died, that I would have been okay with somebody offering “Sorry’s”… So, I determined to make her a baked good and a card and take it on over, even though I didn’t know her. That’s something I would have appreciated, and rarely is it that there’s an opportunity to do something nice for someone.

BT and Mom also approved of my plan. I told them about it – very anxiously – because usually, when I want to do something nice like this, they just sigh and shake their heads. There she goes, being too-nice again. There’s usually some pitfall I miss – they’ll just take advantage of you, if you do that they will never pay you, or any other number of reasons my eagerness-to-help-everything missed.

Instead they just said that it sounded like a great idea, very kind, and helped me with my endeavor. Wow? Really? I actually have a good idea with no back-sets? Cool! Their help was so appreciated.

This morning, I got an e-mail from Cookie Monster Cooking (also the creator of Breakfast Calzones) for Blueberry Almond Muffins. I had almost all the ingredients, and could buy the last ingredient in my quick shopping outing later. They looked great, and so I decided to make that for my introductory/sympathy baked good.

I shopped with BT, came home to stress, was out of sorts, dealt with bugs. The time outside got me back into sorts, went to work, made an awkward call, and then decided to make muffins. I sure was doing quite a few different speaking interactions today! I hoped that it would all go okay?

I wrote up the card – BT providing some of the missing stationery – and was rather glad about how it came out.

Then I set to work on the muffins.

They actually turned out!! (Unlike my anorexia-inducing brownies I tried making last night… It only occurred to me after I was out-of-sorts that this relapse could be the reason for my out-of-sortedness).

And there you see my mustachioed Kindle. :) I think it's safe to say that unlike food bloggers, I'm horrible at staging!

And there you see my mustachioed Kindle. 🙂 I think it’s safe to say that unlike food bloggers, I’m horrible at staging!

These muffins looked good, and tasted good. So not a common occurrence for me! 😀

Photo on 6-4-15 at 5.11 PM #3

It was time. I’d taste-tested, BT had given his it’s-not-really-sweet-but-still-good seal-of-approval.

I put bright polka dot napkins on a disposable plate. Folded the recipe, and marked changes in ingredients (cashew not dairy milk) in case of allergies, and placed 4 muffins on the napkins.

I went to the mirror and let my pulled-back hair down to its half-up style, and sighed.

“Now I have to go over there and talk to them… and say something…”

BT looked up from the couch. “I wish I could have recorded that!” he laughed, and imitated me, putting quite a quaver in “my” voice. It made me smile. Was I really that nervous-sounding?

I folded the recipe in the envelope card and placed it all in a stack, and walked over.

Now my weakness – trying to get somebody’s attention outside. I have the softest knock like ever, and almost no one around here has doorbells.

3 sets of knocks later, she came to the door.

I made an introduction, and she kind of smiled and said that it was 2 weeks ago that it’d happened.

It was odd, because it seemed like she wasn’t going to accept the muffins because of that. I kind of wanted to push them towards her – they tasted so good – and it’s okay that it was longer ago, I still want to give them to you!!

After a couple more sentences, she accepted the muffins, and then she introduced herself. Now I know her name! 🙂

I smiled, we parted.

I hoped I hadn’t made a real faux-pas.

BT brightly asked how it went, and I reported quickly and uneloquently, ending with “I hope she still appreciates it, though.” And he guffawed and said something reassuring me that of course she would.

I don’t know, it just seemed odd how she was like “2 weeks was sooo long ago”. Then again, she’s probably seen a lot more than I have.

However it is, she’s got some great muffins to eat and a card (that hopefully isn’t too sappy for 2 weeks later). Cards and muffins are always a plus, right? 🙂


How has your Thursday been?


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I write Naturally Dreamy and have a lot of fun with that!

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  1. Nice outlook.. 🙂


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