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When I Woke Up I Was Headless

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So, remember how I was trying to go to sleep to that podcast and I started thinking what was wrong with only being a head?

If we get to live longer and not get bruises and broken bones…. I still get to be with my family, my friends. I can keep thinking and dreaming… What really is wrong with just being a preserved head – maybe with a robot body?

Well, I thought of one reason.

What is the largest organ?


I wouldn’t have that most giant of organs. I wouldn’t have nerves.

I wouldn’t FEEL.

Sure, I’d get to jump off walls and not be worried about breaking any bones… but at the same time, would it be any fun?

That initial feel of the wind surging past, the elation of flying through the air, the sudden angst of a wrong landing, but then the satisfying thump of a landing gone well, and the body springing into readiness for the next move.

All that would be gone.

I’d be living sure… but not feeling any of that life.

I’d get to hug my family — but I wouldn’t feel the hug.

Even if we have no limbs, nobody has just a head. We seem to be meant to feel a bit more. It makes us alive. Nerves stretch to every point of us.

We are more than just a brain. The brain receives signals from the rest of our body. It gives us information that the brain uses to make it’s brilliant decisions.

So, personally, I think I would opt out of living a long long life, but as a head. I appreciate the offer, though, I really do!


Oh wow.. did you see that pun? Nobody has just a head… No body – has – just a head. If you have no body… there is just a head. Oh, gosh… wow. That probably is only a pun in my head… But I was so surprised, I didn’t even mean to write a pun!

This Song:

BT and I love rocking out to this song.

I don’t know what the lyrics are – I sing it “Imma make a deal with the debil, shake a baboon, don’t fight no more…”

Well, with a post about heads… I just had to use that lyric! 😀

(Oh, shoot, guys, sorry! I didn’t realize there was a bit of profanity in the song… I’ve always heard it on the radio… I’m so sorry.)


Do you like that song?

What do you think? Is it worth it to live a long life sans skin?

How is your week going?


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