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Geek-Out Fridays: gishwhes


Geek-Out Fridays

Should I do it?

I am totally geeking out about gishwhes (it’s in the rules not to capitalize it… there are a lot of other things in the rules, too, which made for fun reading).

Misha Collins – who I geeked out about a couple of weeks ago to my Mom – is a totally amazing guy from what I’ve seen. He has this YouTube series where he cooks with his son in this beautifully simple home – that he built himself (he put himself through college by using his carpentry skills!). He cooks whatever his young son picks out from the grocery store. It’s totally adorable, and so heart-warming.

He also, despite playing Castiel in Supernatural, seems like he’s a wacky super-sweet guy in real life.


And his life story? AH-mazing.

He is totally an inspirational guy.

He made this International Treasure Hunt and he hopes that someday it will be even more worldwide and an event that people all over the world can use as a reason to need to take off work. Or as the first sentence on the website so well-summarizes “Gishwhes is part silliness, part art, part kindness and 100% fun.”

The more I read…. the MORE ENTHUSIASTIC I became about the prospect.

And you all know how I like challenges. (Speaking of – do you think I should get this shirt?)

But when I started to look at the challenges, I started to wonder…. Can I do this?

While I was deliberating, I did decide that I should think on something. And that thing I thought on… and I realized “Accept your limitations” was never something (that I immediately recall) that Jesus said… so therefore, it’s not a rule I should-for-sure live by.

For instance, I’ve got this eczema that refuses to cease spreading. And a bunch of other socia-el stunts that seem to say “YOUWON’TGETANYWHERE! You FAILURE!” And when I don’t get down about the latter – a little thing like the former, that seems like I can’t kick, gets me down and thinking small. Silly, eh?

But, I tend to be the one who goes “Anything and EVERYTHING is possible! Go!!” And get hurt, instead. Or realize that it was societally-alienating… or actually really, really stupid! Hahaha, so I put this extra layer of thinking that seems to stifle my normal ways of thinking. Which is wise? Right? However, you know… it makes me tend toward the, “You should just stop now honey, you’re not going to get anywhere.”

So, I think about my family, and I think about all the little things that can permanently cripple a person, and I decide to play it small so that I won’t hurt myself and others.

So, when I heard one of the challenges was to meet somebody in Russia, my mind went immediately into a semi-victim mode of incredulousness. “That’s impossible.” I have no money. Then I started thinking about how he wanted the challenges approached.

And I thought of how nobody except for humans say “Accept your limitations” and that (saying that) is so that I will stay safe. And what if I could accept the fact that I really can do incredibly anything and stay safe? And I thought of how it would be possible to do things my mind would reject. To stop thinking right in front of me.. and make sure my brain is still able to open up to the possibility of creatively pushing the limits safely and smartly and most importantly kindly.

Which is how I approach things when my brain is the generator… but I think it’s a good thing to do when you hear it from a third party, too.

Don’t expect everything to get fed to me information-wise. Be willing to dig. And just because something can not be done immediately doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.

Things like that.

And I stood out in the sun. And I thought I realized a bit about what Misha was saying and about how God looks at us humans.

Stuff like that.

Sorry about the wordiness and weirdness.

But the fact remains. I REALLY want to try this gishwhes. My head is exploding from all the craziness and possibilities.

But is it possible for me?

I have 0 extra dollars. Which means I also don’t have money to go far places. I’ve read that money isn’t a problem – that people were able to ask for stuff and out of human-kindness complete the challenges… Like sky-diving and billboard-use. But sometimes if all of the team pulls together you can make it happen in normal pay-ways. What if my team asks for money and I have to say “no.”? How sucky would I be?

And what if I can’t get somewhere to do something? Because I don’t have money to travel much farther than my immediate area… and I do have some day-to-day obligations. 🙂

And yeah… you know?


Have you done the International Scavenger Hunt? What would you say to my questions about it? ARE YOU INSANELY HYPED ABOUT IT, too?????? It’s so something like I like doing!!!!!


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