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Ways to Customize your Non-Smart Phone

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Right now, I’m styling in some beautifully-white generic cotton gloves, covering my emollient-creamed hands.

This is purported to help the eczema which has made blisters of my hands.

Do you realize that since I’ve blogged with you I’ve blogged with a painful bottom, an iced finger, and now gloved hands? Haha, thinking of that makes me feel more accident-prone than I actually am!

Well, I actually feel more like a criminal than an aristocrat, wearing these. XD When I lifted my computer to my lap, I felt like I was stealing something… but it’s mine!

Anyways, to the point of the day!


I do not own a smart-phone. I don’t think I ever will. The only thing I like about so-called smart phones is the ability to customize the ringtone and wall paper.

I think that is pretty cool.

To me, it’s a bit of a form of love, you see. When you learn that somebody personalized your ring tone you learn a bit more about how they think of you, and it’s just kind of an “Awww.” moment.

I wanted to be able to do this. 🙂

It technically isn’t worth buying a smart phone in order to do this… but I did slightly feel like I was missing out.

Until I figured some workarounds. So, I wanted to share with all fellow-non-smart-phoners.

This may not be applicable in all countries, nor with all non-smart phones, but here is how I’ve customized mine.

It’s kind of funny because when I show a family member what I’ve done, unless they’ve seen me take the steps, it’s not that much of a wonder, but it feels to me like I just managed to really grab a hare out of a hat! Look what I did!!

Step One:

Custom wall paper:

  • Choose a picture
  • Discover your phone’s e-mail address. So, for example is what you’d want to send the photo to.
  • Load the photo onto an e-mail. If your mail-thingy doesn’t automatically make photos into the kilobyte range, try using pixlr or something to make it a easy-to-chomp on size.
  • Type a subject, and say a message – like “Hi!”
  • Send.
  • Ring-ring. That’s your phone! Check it. Did it come through, or do you have to fetch it? Do so.
  • Now, save the picture – probably to a folder called “pictures”.
  • You can either save the pic to wallpaper straight from the message, or go to your pictures, and save it as your wallpaper from there.
  • Make sure your wallpaper settings are best set for the picture – like “center”.
  • If it’s not-quite-right….:
    • I have a bar at the bottom of my screen, and Rimfire’s face was mostly obscured by it. I took some off the top of the photo & re-sent it, and it brought his face up sufficiently.
  • Voila!

Sometimes people will send me photos. These can be used as wallpaper, too.

Also, you can send it to your e-mail, in case you wanted to see it bigger. Photos are really small on my one-square inch screen, so I like doing this (though I have been surprised the detail I can see on my little screen!)

Secondly, ring tone:

I was quite surprised when I was browsing around on my phone one day, and discovered something called “My Tones”. It allowed me to make my own polyphonic tune. It had a music-sheet set up, and the buttons controlled the notes.

If I mistyped a note, I could use the arrow keys to navigate the note up and down. I could select the tempo.

How could I use this? There had to be a way.

I discovered it some months later after I joined Pinterest and some music sheets came my way. Ah-hah!

I found a music sheet for For the Longest Time. I couldn’t find any non-sharp or flat sheet music for it, but I was able to figure out how to make it right. It was so cool.

But when I had to replace my phone (I got nail-polish remover on it!) I didn’t really feel like going through all the work to make the For the Longest Time again.


I GOT THE SHERLOCK THEME! It was all non-sharp/flat notes and it was perfect!! The only issue is some notes are too deep for my phone, and so I have one awkward spot, but it’s totally recognizable!!!

b3fb1164ce49fc112f23f83280e9077dThis means BT and I have the same ring tone, but that’s cool with him, so it’s all good.

I love this ring-tone, too, because, something about it is highly-hearable. I used to chronically miss calls, now I’m answering them like a pro!

So, if you are able to make a tune on your phone, you can look for a favorite song’s sheet music and if it looks easy enough to do, make it, and save it (I’ve accidentally gone from the Tones, and had to start all over!).

Then – if your phone is like mine – create a group and apply it as the ring tone!!

I created a group of one – BT, since he is the INTJ – and applied the ring tone to him, but something went different, and the ring-tone is being used for all. That’s cool.


What do you do to customize your phone? Do you have a smart-phone or non-smartphone?

What’s the pros and cons of having the phone you do?


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