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Eclectic Corner #13 – Loyalty



Eclectic Odds and Sods asked for more submissions to her very fun Eclectic Corner events.

How could I say no? ๐Ÿ™‚

And go ahead and check out her invite – maybe you’d like to join in, too? A quote, a poem, or a photo pertaining to loyalty is the theme this month!

My quote is:

โ€œWhere loyalty bound creatures together, they became something larger, something new and whole and inexplicable.โ€
โ€•ย Orson Scott Card


This reminded me of the Foreverists on Twitter. Together we are supplicating networks to help give the show a second chance. And it’s been so apparent that the only way we have a chance is by standing together, with kindness!

It’s been really cool. I’ve inter-met cool people. And most of all, I really like it because people are polite and kind. We aren’t radical and really don’t care if people have different beliefs than we do, because we never try and make people agree with us.


We simply all think Forever is a great show that should get more season – and plus we’d love to watch more seasons.

So, when I saw this quote, I thought yes.

In a very small way – this has happened for the Forever group. Spanning the globe, we’ve bound together forย one reason. This has made us dauntless, which is pretty epic.

Loyalty can bind people together for something good. Which is good. I’m glad that people who want good things, can come together with other people who want good things, and with loyalty have the dedication, and somehow makes that oddly-powerful together-force the quote references, that gives them tools to make true those good things.

At least… it seems that is what I’ve seen be possible in history. I hope that it keeps being possible.


What is your favorite quote pertaining to loyalty?


Author: Arctic Hare!

I write Naturally Dreamy and have a lot of fun with that!

3 thoughts on “Eclectic Corner #13 – Loyalty

  1. Hey there thank you so much for not only the shout out but joining in and what a great post too.

    I love the angle taken of loyalty and coming together as a group and what can be achieved the bigger picture. This was food for thought thank you for that ๐Ÿ˜€

    You wrote a lot and it seemed much passion had gone in to your words, wonderful xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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