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How Things Look vs How Things Are | A Rambling Discussion

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It was like sitting down and having a cup of tea with my thoughts! Hehe.. I could relate to it so much I wanted to reblog in case some of my readers could relate to it, too. Thanks Cass! 🙂

Cass's Useless Opinions

WARNING: The following mess of text has no structure. Proceed at your own risk.


I was just thinking about how I don’t have an opinion on a lot of things.

There are a lot of things that I see both sides of the argument and my brain is like, “Well, this side has thing which is like that thing, but that side has that thing too which is like this thing, and both sides don’t consider the other stuff!” and then I give up because I can’t wrap my head around my own thoughts.

I guess this is odd-sounding you, but it happens to me all the time.

Another slightly related bit to this is that people probably think I don’t think about important stuff, and I do. I just think about it so much that I prevent myself from coming to a conclusion. And of course, people must think…

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