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A Portrait of My Move

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I stepped out onto our stair tonight to look up at the sky as I took Rimfire out – barefoot, of course.


I felt rain under my toes, but there had been no precipitation.

“Dew,” I thought, “like that…”

Yes, like that time I realized recently.

I’d always heard of dew points, and had it explained to me multiple times. I read about dew, and felt it in the early morning rambles. But never had I felt it form as the night wore on.

I was up so late, with the sky so dark, and the hours stretching so long that I felt the dew form. I saw it condense on the doors, felt the unassuming droplets under my hand as I picked up each item. I sensed the misty water form around me and settle on every single object.

And finally, I knew where dew came from!

It was so cool.


What is one of your fondest or most a-ha late night memories?


Author: Arctic Hare!

I write Naturally Dreamy and have a lot of fun with that!

One thought on “A Portrait of My Move

  1. Wow! Beautiful : )


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