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Natural Product Review (And Updates!) – Part 1

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I had so many products to review, it was getting… really long. So I decided to do it in [Michael Caine’s voice] three pa-rts. (Sidenote – I don’t recommend The Prestige. The only bonus is getting to hear Michael Caine’s voice and it doesn’t really have any great life-lessons or anything, imo.)

So here are my Desert Essence reviews & updates!

I try to thoroughly test the products I review so that I don’t praise a product I end up not liking, making my word untrustworthy. Well, yeah, she likes it, but she always comes back and says it wasn’t actually good.

So, I hope you know that I try to ensure that I have to do as few updates changing my original thoughts as little as possible. 🙂

Timeframe: I got the new products I’m reviewing in April.

Update: Natural Roll-On Deodorant (Desert Essence)

I gave a glowing review of this before. Unfortunately, I read about deodorant becoming ineffective as the body got used to it, and it foreshadowed what happened for me with this. I have switched back to the “lesser of evils” Speed Stick.

Update: Jojoba Conditioner

I wasn’t sure at first, but it was confirmed. For some reason, this conditioner doesn’t always seem to wash off all the way. Even if I do a shampoo afterwards… Other times, it washes off just fine. But when it doesn’t, it gives a very un-nice sticky powder finish on my hair, and it tangles easily.

I have a different purpose for this conditioner though! I discovered something a while back – that when I stopped using conditioner on my hair, I started getting back acne. And I thought, “Who gets the worst and most infamous back acne? Men! Men don’t use conditioner. Men don’t have long hair that runs down the back that would swish extra conditioner onto their back!” And lo and behold, when I started using conditioner, the back acne went away.

So, I don’t put this conditioner in my hair, but I use it for my back, and it does keep away any issues I may have with acne on my back… (weird, huh?)

I went with a different conditioner for my hair (that I LOVE) – an after-one – to give a different type a try.

Update: Kiss My Face Aloe & Olive Oil Soap Bar

This thing lasts forever! I got a ZumBar as a gift last year… and I’m still waiting to get to use it because this $2 bar has lasted so long. So great bang-for-buck, and all natural and whatnot. Woot woot.

The new products!!:

Coconut Lime Hand and Body Lotion

So, I got it! I don’t always remember Bones-lessons when applying it, though. 🙂

I got it because I thought maybe I should start applying lotion. You know when you see people doing something, and you’re like, I think I’d also benefit from that… My body doesn’t get any special attention. Why not give it some love with moisture, ya know?

I’m glad I did, because I got the eczema pompholyx, and the number one thing to do is give it moisture — good moisture, and this has saved me before I could get a heavier emollient moisture.

And when I don’t want to apply the emollient, I can use this. It has a delightful use-something-right-after-application-no-problem soak-in rate. But at the same time, I can feel it lasting after several hand-washes.

That is something I have not found in a lotion for a long, long time.

And, BT and I are all about uncovering the truth in products.

Well, I once needed pure aloe vera for a special-type of burn, and got a like 90+% aloe gel. And then we wondered what the normal “aloe vera” from the drug store was percentaged at.

Well… It was so very, very little.

So, when I looked at the back of this lotion and saw that the first ingredient, was Aloe Juice I bet BT it had more aloe than his aloe from the drugstore. It almost for-sure did, since aloe was near the bottom of the “Aloe Gel” list. 🙂 Next time we burn, we may just apply this (watching out for the lime, of course… I bet that could sting a bit.)

Thoroughly Clean Face Wash – Original

I don’t want to make it sound bad – because it’s good – but this stuff is stripping. it’s a good stripping.

As in… I don’t wash my face for days and this makes it all feel washed away. And when I want my face clean, it’s clean.

At first, I felt way too dry using this, but I think my face adjusted, and I now can use it. (Plus in conjunction with the eye cream I’ll review tomorrow, I don’t get a weird dry-set feeling. It’s perfect.)

Also, my sunscreen from them feels a bit oily (at times.. it’s really fine, though) and these two really fit together well.

I’ve used more than half of this. Which for me, in the way I do skin-care, is saying something. 😉

Tea Tree Replenishing Shampoo

This was a re-stock. I’m still really happy with it! Nice normal clean for normal showers.

Fragrance Free Shampoo

This is what I got instead of another of the super-effective lemon shampoo. (I still had some left.)

I’m SUPER happy with this shampoo. It comes in a smaller bottle than the Tea-Tree, so I’ll probably keep getting the Tea-tree, too, but I like how this one is… I don’t know, a bit different.

Very good, very effective, and not stripping, but doesn’t leave stuff on the hair.

Coconut Shine & Refine Hair Lotion

I LOVE this stuff.

After-shower conditioners are usually not effective enough for my hair. Not so with this!

I put this on my damp hair, and it gives no yucky finish. It’s softening and nicening. No particular nice thing – like detangling, shininess, or stuff. It’s just really great as a conditioner, and it makes my hair look good for some reason.

(Update: I moved out temporarily – to my friend’s house again! :), and I packed a really light bag and didn’t bring this with me. My hair was a mess. Fluffy, dry-looking, and just making us go “hmmm….” trying to make it look nice for going to work.

Yesterday, I fetched my lotion, and I put some on, not expecting anything. I let it out of it’s braid this morning, and the difference is spectacular. Looks so much better and healthier. So weird, but so good!! 🙂 )

The most hilarious thing about this lotion is that I put this on my hair rather regularly and invariably BT will stop whatever he is doing, sit up and say “WHAT IS THaaaT??”

Of course, every time it isn’t something edible, but this smell is truly amazing, and air-permeating fragrant. 🙂

And since I’ll be speaking about 100% Pure’s customer service tomorrow, I wanted to mention I’ve been very happy with Desert Essence’s Customer Service. They have been super nice, and when I tagged them in a tweet because I reviewed there products they replied “We’re glad you’re enjoying them!” and so I think they even read the blog post. 🙂


What products are you loving in your routine?


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