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Natural Product Review (And Updates!) – Part 2

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So, a while ago, I was going through an incredibly frustrating process of trying to find an all-natural skin care company where I could get some uncomplicated, but completely biodegradable, all-natural eye-cream.

I couldn’t find a one. Okay, I found a few. I found some home-made ones. I found some ultra-high-tech ones. But all seemed to claim stuff and have varying ingredients. None felt right.

And a lot were complicated. “We extract the purest form of juices!” “Completely all natural but you also won’t look a day over 2!” You know, stuff like that.

Others – like the homemade ones – I couldn’t really be sure if they were effective and would not harm my eyes. After all, it is the thinnest skin, or something, and eyes are easily irritated.

And a lot of natural companies didn’t have eye cream.

Until one day – after searching all manner of combinations of “all-natural skin care company” and a bunch of variations on that theme – I finally remembered a black-tea pigmented mascara I’d seen pop-up a while ago online.

The weird thing was, I’d never seen it come up in my all-natural company searches and perusals. Did another company exist I hadn’t plumbed yet? Did they make eye cream?

So, I searched the ‘black-tea pigmented mascara’. It was made by 100% Pure. An 100% pure (all natural, that is) skin-care company!

I wonder how this company never came up in my searches….

As soon as I started looking through their products and their philosophies, I loved all of it!!

Biodegradable, simple natural ingredients. No real BUY THIS!!! WE ARE THE BEST! Just “if you like it, buy it. It’ll be great.” I loved that!

I’m quite on a budget right now, so I got bare basics to start off with: Eye cream and Sunscreen.

(I wanted an eye-cream for several reasons, but one is Say Hello to Gorgeous recommends using one, and she seems to like to keep things basic like I do.)

In order of when I ordered:

Acai Berry Antioxidant Eye Cream


This tube is a very good size, I think, for $32 (it was $28 when I ordered).  I ordered it in May, and I still have most of it left.


To state from the out-set – I’m not good at care-habits. I’ll eat, and I’ll shower (because I do not like the feel of dirty hair) but getting me to do any more than that is just… not in me, I guess. I put on sunscreen more often than I apply eye-cream.

So, results not typical would only be fair to say. 😀

I LOVE the feel of this product. I wash with the very effective Thoroughly Clean from Desert Essence, and if I just put on this eye cream, I feel like my face is moisturized. But if I put on a moisturizer all over, and don’t use this eye cream, I still feel dry.

No, I haven’t noticed a diminishing or a difference in anything around my eyes. But when I remember, I am taking care of them, and so I think that’s good.


  • Super easy to apply.
  • I get great globs of it in my eye about every 4th time I apply it, and though my eyes tend to hurt with many things, this doesn’t. I may see a bit fuzzy for a few minutes, but it doesn’t hurt in the slightest. No pain!!
  • No breakouts… this may be because of my “intuitive” use, because I notice my face acting weird if I wash and apply moisture regularly.
  • I use it on my lid – it doesn’t say whether that’s okay… but I’ve had no ill-effects. (I don’t wear contacts, though.)


  • The outer packaging has a satisfying *Thwump!*… that lasts for opening after opening. XD

Everywhere Sunstick (2.5 oz)

I like keeping a little thing of sun protection in my bag because if I’m out, I can apply it. (See, foreplanning is not a strong INFP suite.)

So, to make up the free-shipping price, I ordered the little “everywhere sunstick” 100% Pure has. All natural, and they say no nano! Yay!!

It was less-expensive per ounce to get the larger size, but… I decided on the little one.

When the shipment came in, the bigger one was in my box.

So, I let them know:

I just received my first order from 100% Pure. (Yay!!) I received the proper eye cream, however, I received the large size of the Sun Stick – the 2.5 oz size. I ordered the .56 oz version. What would you like me to do?
Thank you so much for making such amazing natural products!

Within minutes they replied:

Hi [[Me]]!

Thank you for contacting us and for your interest in 100% Pure! You may keep the larger size as it was an error on our part. Thank you for letting us know and welcome to the 100% Pure Family! Have a great day!

I asked my family whether I should reply — it was so nice of a reply. I got one yes, and one no. 

So I replied this:

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! 🙂 I look forward to using it and ordering more! 😀

Then they replied to my (perhaps unnecessary) reply!

You are very welcome! I hope you enjoy it better in the larger size! Have a great day!

Awesome customer service, right??

So, I’ve been using this sunscreen before I plan on going out on the sun (go me! foreplanning!).

It applies so smoothly, and with the sunflower-seed oil, I feel like I’m doing my skin a favor at the the same time.

And because it’s in a stick-form application, I feel like it’s so much more easy to apply to the awkward or frustrating places to apply lotion to that annoy me so much: That is, I get frustrated trying to apply lotion to my neck – it’s SO AWKWARD, isn’t it? Just me? 😉 But, not so with this!

And I can reach my shoulders, and shoulder blades too!


A little while later… an e-mail came through from 100% Pure.

It was buy $45; get $100 free in the gift with purchase.

I could not believe my eyes. Really?!!


Obviously, I knew I had to see if I could find $45, (right? it’d be so worth it!) and I did. I bought two more products off my mental 100% Pure wishlist, and got $100 worth of free product!!

They tweet on Twitter, and were asking if people had bought it — you know like, kindly… “interested in your life” sort of tweet – and I said yes. They replied and said, “Can’t wait to see what you bought! :D” and I thought that was very nice of them.

Then a while later, after I hadn’t replied, they asked, “Did you get your shipment all right?”

WOW! Like serious, follow-up! 🙂


I actually had just received it (it was a little later than other’s) so I was glad they’d followed up. 🙂

(And also, this was like in April or something, and I was planning to review it, and told them I would, when I replied that I had gotten the products – I was actually trying to wait to let them know I’d received the products (like 2 days after getting it) until I wrote the review and published it (good I didn’t, eh?). See, I didn’t want to tell them I got it, and then tell them I reviewed… and so on (or whatever my brain was concerned about). Well, in September or something like that, they were thanking people for some of their reviews. I let them know my review was coming and apologized for how long it took, and saying I was still working on #editing. They said “No problem! We welcome the review any time!”

Yes, these are very simple things from them, but to me, they make such a difference in my day. 🙂 )

Anyways, I was insanely excited to break out my shipment!

Jasmine Green Tea Cleanser

They were doing a “buy a cleanser get a brush free” which I’d wanted to take part in. All of the cleansers looked great; I chose this one.

I got a gentle cleanser for night time just in case my other cleanser was in fact too drying because I have the sunscreen-moisturizer for day, but nothing for night moisturizing.


  • Gently cleansing
  • Foamy! Soft!
  • Feels like I’m being nice to myself.
  • Not too drying before bed (I use the Thoroughly Clean in morning, and this one at night)
  • Easy to use a small amount.

Fruit Pigmented Cream Eye Stick: Pewter

I really like the look of grey/black eye colors. I think they’re awesome. So this was on my wish list for sure.


  • Easy-peasy to apply.
  • Beautiful, subtle color.
  • Not at all rough on eye.

Unfortunately, there are cons:


  • Not long-lasting. Easily wipes off and came off when I spent some time outside longboarding.

It comes off in a few hours of wear, but I don’t mind too much having a short-wear look – I don’t have to remove the makeup, and it isn’t too strong for day-time, then – but I wished I could use this for glamour looks, too. 🙂

(Actually the shortness of this wear has started to deter me from wearing it. It actually comes off in a few minutes, it seems. I still love the application and the color, but I do wish it had some longer-wear to it. The great thing is it’s ALL-NATURAL, so I mean, having that in a color-cosmetic, is just amazing. 🙂 )

I think I’ll leave the rest of the review till tomorrow. I still have a pallette, mascara, eye liner and lip color to review! 😀 Some of my favorite products from 100% Pure lie ahead. 🙂


Have you ever used 100% Pure before?

What eye cream do you use? Do you like it?

What are some of your favorite skin-care products? (I don’t care if they are not all-natural or stuff, comments are for you to talk about YOU and your favorites! 😀 )


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