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Hi! Can you help? Need A New Name for the Cat!

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So, I’m looking to get Gyro some vet care, and I know they will ask me “Name of cat?”

Well, what I found out is she is well, a female. We think Gyro is a rather boy-y name. So, I was wondering if you could help?

Nothing comes to my mind that “fits” her other than that name, so I’d love to see what you think for her!

I plan to call tomorrow, so I’m hoping to have a new name by then.

In lieu of you being able to see her for yourself, I’ve tried to substitute that experience by uploading several photos to hopefully give you enough fodder to come up with names! It may just be me, but I like seeing an animal act, and that is when a name springs to mind. I even made a gif! (My first time 🙂 )

I appreciate any ideas you have!! 😀

Image 6

Although out of focus, this is probably one of the best to capture how she usually appears in feel….

Image 5

Another one that shows her rather well! (She is pretty small.)

Image Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image Image 7 Image 4

Sorry - I couldn't figure out how to select the middle of the video for gifing... hmm.. more experience required! :D

Sorry – I couldn’t figure out how to select the middle of the video for gifing… hmm.. more experience required! 😀

These were all from the same photo-session. I was hoping to best the last pictures, which wasn’t too hard, lol!


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One thought on “Hi! Can you help? Need A New Name for the Cat!

  1. I suggest ‘Chum’… Friendly-looking cat, spunky…stays around long enough and is easy-going for a photo-shoot : ) Seems like a hang-out ‘friend’ kind of cat, therefore, the ‘Chum’ idea : )

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