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Okay, guys, I have an idea.

I’m tired right now – which both encourages me to launch into this, and also says — hold on there, wanna triple-think that?

I worry I miss things when I’m tired.

I know I miss things – I was actively watching the surroundings (so my brain was on half power, similar to when I’m tired) when I texted my friends to let them know I was good and on schedule, and on the bus:

“I am bus! :)” I said, and sent it, after three proofreads XD

Well, anyways.

I need to experiment!!!

I’m experimenting on my family. And now I’m experimenting on my friends. And I’m thinking, shall I now branch out to the friendly anonymous on the internet?

Seriously — with all the bad I know is out there, it blows me away (and see, I can tell I’m tired, my eyes are tearing up – idk why, AAHHH!) how nice people are to each other.

So, I’m so worried about messing up, and harming people’s lives permanently if I say anything when I’m not perfectly even-keeled.

⬆ This may sound irrational, and I’d guffaw, too, except I know it’s possible. :,(

So, I try to hermit when I’m tired and sleepy. I try to not be too optimistic or jubilant when I speak. And also have rested well the previous night.

But, if I force myself to blog everyday for a month, you will see many more sides of me. And I can see –how terrible am I, anyway?

If I get a bunch of people unfollowing me, I will know what I’ve always suspected – I’m a harmful force in the world.

If I get cool comments, and help people – I’ll know what people tell me is true – vulnerability can help people live their lives awesomer.

And if nothing happens, I’ll know – hey! nothing happens!

So, yep, that’s my idea!


Okay – some updates!!!!

Gyro has been adopted!! And renamed (twice!). She is leukemia free *sigh of relief* and is settling into her home. 😀 😀 😀

I read Shannon A. Thompson’s book! I’ve read her blog for a while (which – I’m sorry guys – I’ve got 2000 blog posts to catch up on, and I’m so sorry they’re just waiting there… for me to have the desire to read on a lighted screen. Read, I want – they are terrific!!; lit screen, I do not want), but never knew about the books she referred to (her books, that is).

If you know me a wee bit, you’ll realize I pretty much laugh and run and hide when romance is mentioned. And, also I don’t watch Hellboy, or other very fantastical movies people around me enjoy, because I do not like much strong fantastical elements in the movies/TV shows I watch.

So, when she said her books were in the “paranormal romance” genre, I thought, “I’ll wait…”

But I’m reading her blog! So, of course I want to give them a try. So, when the first book of that series was being offered for free on the Kindle, I snatched it up!

On a recent trip, I had the chance to start it — I also finished it… (85% on day one…. the remaining 15% on the next day XD ) Yes… I enjoyed it! I loved the concept and when she wrote, I could just see it.

Like she was saying — erm.. very indirect quote — “She was doing this and this with her powers of dark and darkness and it was between her hands but something was different” — and I imagined purple sparks coming out of a cloud of dark smoke like powers (also with some purple streaks mixed in), and guess what!! that’s what it was!!! I love it when I can read a writer’s writing and what they write, how they set it up, and it so goes that the imagination picks it up as you go and it’s natural and “oh yeah, that’s what I thought!”

And, well, for being romance it was fluffy romance. *hides face in shame* *mumbles quietly* – I like some fluffy things….

I learned the definition of fluffy recently – so I’m open that I may be using it wrongly.

But having it be like they said something reassuring, or they squeezed their hand reassuringly, or they gave each other a hug when they needed – I can’t help but think: That’s nice! 🙂

(Link to Shannon’s blog, and Minutes Before Sunset (the book I read))

So, it would have been very boring today – I think – if I didn’t watch the GMM, Jimmy Fallon & Malinda Kathleen Reese videos I did as I did several routine tasks (for about 5 hours…)

And Malinda Kathleen Reese posted one of her first vlogs! It was awesome!!

Again… I can’t really get over how similar we are!!! It’s crazy!

Well, that influenced my idea to write every day. Vulnerability and sharing where I am least confident can help others who feel the same, but think they are alone…

I’m always told I’m weird, and odd, but I know that I may not be all alone. Maybe knowing what I struggle with will help others so they don’t feel all so alone and helpless! 🙂

Welp, yep.

That’s my bit of brain, tonight.

Goy! That sounds bad!

I mean, I’m tired and so I pretty merch just put my few bloggy-related thoughts on bloggy-post and smiled.

Random am I! So random and …

So, what do you think? Wanna hear a post – like about my life or something – every day for the next month? It may be a story that happened and short – or maybe an insecurity I’ve held deeply that I can articulate – or maybe just about how much I love being a Foreverist and how much I love my dog – I don’t know, but would you like it?

Thy blogger,

… right no names … – grrrs internally


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