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Day 5 – Words, Pictures, Songs

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So… I just wrote two posts that I decided against.

It’s late, I can feel my brain is compromised.

I think I shall share some Pinterest things with you because, I like pictures, and quotes, and so this could be fun! 🙂

I’ll also share what song I’m hearing with each photo! 3 of my favorite things!


This one… Lol, it makes me crack up!

Hearing: Me & My Broken Heart by Rixton


In case you’ve ever wondered (which I have) how to play Sheldon’s full rock-paper-scissors game here is how! I like how this grey/white/black infographic looks, too!

Hearing: If This Was A Movie by Taylor Swift


Oh yeah! And have you seen Cas with cats? I’ve pinned a couple of these, but not all. They seem so fitting together! (And one with ducks!)

Hearing: Fireflies by Owl City


I don’t know, I like how this quote looks!

ooh, and of course this one!

Hearing: I Need Your Love (feat. Ellie Goulding)


Reason #11 why I like some modern ways of speaking! This conveys so well, “can’t art”.

Hearing: If You Could Only See by Tonic (not a favorite, but I keep it on because my family said they really like it. 🙂 ❤ )


This picture makes me want to go to London so much. #random

Hearing: Storm’s End by Break of Reality (an instrumental song)


An adorable Christmas kitty!!

And finally something from my art board – where I only post things I wish I could have on my wall someday.

Hearing: Collide by Howie Day


How was your Thanksgiving?

What is some art that you wish you could have on your walls or do have on your walls? Feel free to link!


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