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Day 6 – I Loved the Metro

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fe29919fb4f10514e27b20816d3a57ccI don’t think anyone expected it when I answered, “I LOVED it!!”

My friend’s elderly relative asked us how we liked the metro… I’d been thinking on our trip back, “If anyone asks me if I liked it, I will have to say YES, because this is fantastic! But no one’s going to ask that.

At most they’ll ask, “Did you have a good trip?” but most likely it will be “Did you have a safe trip?””

So when we walked in the door and her first question to us was, “Did you like the Metro?” and my friend paused a couple minutes, I had time to express the wonderful thought that had repeated itself in my head many times, and share it with another human being.

“I LOVED it!”

The story repeated itself when I returned home.

I could feel the concerned look my Mom had after I gave this answer. Danger is often the first thing I hear about with the Metro, and I’d say for no small reason. My answer surprised even myself.

But after 5 hours of recounting my trip, when I really got into what I experienced on the Metro, my Mom’s eyes widened.

She could feel it, too.

The wonder of the Metro. The wonder of human’s lives. The amazingness that they chose kindness and openness again and again.

What I saw was that when time and time again anyone could have chosen a path much more dark, everyone was so human and it made our trip – and every body else’s – magical.

I don’t even know how that works, but that’s how it was. We all came together, and instead of it being mundane it was magical.


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