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Day 8 – Irritation


I’ve been pretty irritated today – from afternoon to late afternoon till now.

Now that I’m getting dinner, I’m starting to wonder. Was I overhungry most of the day? Is it because the time of month? Is there some reason other than a random irritation that sits deep within and defies explanation?

I find myself hoping so.

I’m devouring any food I find. Scarfing down the rest of the grits, stopping myself at 2 marshmallows. Dreaming of having a peanut butter sandwich.

Did I miss my hunger cues?

Whatever it is I’ve had to deal with it today.

Rimfire’s constant licking set off irritation in my mind that lingered. I handled it by having him stay away from me when I wasn’t ready for him, and making sure to take a breath before I made any decisions.

I had trouble deciding what to eat because I wanted everything, so I made sure I thought of a healthy option and quick – peanut butter and graham crackers, so I had an option without needing to stop.

Not escaping like I usually try to do when I’m slightly irritated, I instead took solace in the silence and invited Rimfire to spend some time with me while I studied.

This break helped a lot. At times my mind would wonder uncontrollably, but I eventually reigned it in, and kept myself from getting completely bent out of shape about it, and started to read again.

I found myself making these guidelines for future reference:

If you find your usually cheery self getting irritated, try and figure out if sound or silence will help the most.

Make sure to remember what you usually feel so you don’t regrettably act out on a fleeting feeling. If you don’t normally mind taking out the dog, breathe and speak what you normally say, but don’t dismiss how you feel, either, inside.

Eat a good meal.

I hope you’ve had a lovely Monday! And if you haven’t you may want to take a look at Justine’s lovely photos: Β she posts some every Monday making for a great start to the day! ❀


What are your methods to lessen the repurcussions of internal irritation?

Do you have random days where things get on nerves so deep you don’t even know “where that came from”?


Author: Arctic Hare!

I write Naturally Dreamy and have a lot of fun with that!

3 thoughts on “Day 8 – Irritation

  1. Thank you for the mention πŸ™‚

    I have those days and felt it slightly yesterday so perhaps it was something in the moon! It’s a horrible feeling tbongn when you can’t figure out why and just about everything gets on your nerves. Mind you it didn’t help the cat deciding to poo in the kitchen first thing for some random reason then the dog threw up lol. Was a constant barrage. I hope you’re feeling cheerier today x

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